Friday, October 5, 2012


It's official : Without a teleprompter Barack Obama is lost . Without a teleprompter, a speaker relies on what's in his head and what's in his heart. The problem with Barack Obama is that a lot of his supporters have no clue what's in either. For years we've seen Barack Obama packaged, coddled and edited  by the media .And for years Obama has spun us. It's easy for Obama voters to get lost in the lies and misrepresenations of Obama's books, speeches and press conferences. But what about an Obama "uncut", "unplugged"- no props, no audience plants or VIEW hosts to shield him from a skilled opponent like Romney? Obama supporters are probably still in shock over President Obama's performance against Mitt Romney in the first debate. Mitt Romney commanded the stage. President Obama is used to demanding a stage. The media spent years building up Obama to be something he is not. Obama does not have the leadership skills of a successful business man or sports coach. Obama does not have the intellect of a great scholar, writer or NASA inventor. Obama is not a great leader . Obama is a Chicago politician that reads a teleprompter better than most of us. Barack Obama arrived on the political stage at the right time. A time when experience or lack of experience didn't matter. Barack Obama might just be the most eloquent liar of our generation. Barack Obama lies so well that even when his supporters know he's lying they still believe they can feel the hope. He lies so well that millions just accept it as part of the price to have such a cool likable guy in The White House. Pick a topic and Obama has lied about it. The Associated press found 27 "falsehoods" in Obama's autobiography. Obama's been called out as a liar by a members of Congress, a Supreme Court Justice and only a handfull of journalists- remember- most media people were afraid to question Obama for 4 years when he came on the scene in '06. Obama has lied about healthcare, welfare, fair share and who cares. Breaking news:  Hope has left the building left with Obama's teleprompter. Romney is not the greatest debater or the greatest speaker of all time but he is a very good speaker and confident in his abilities to lead our country. Romney understands economics among other things. Obama, on the other hand is mediocre in most things presidential (very good in basketball and golf though)-That's why Obama lost the debate. Four years ago half of America didn't know how average Obama really was. Now there is a record....of the lies...of the lack of business sense....the lack of common sense. Now there is a record of the unemployment numbers, the national debt numbers, the war casualty numbers, the bad investment numbers, the welfare numbers,the wall street lobbyist numbers, the food stamp numbers, the gas prices, the food prices,  home prices and the price our nation has paid internationally to have a Chicago political hack as leader of the greatest nation on earth.  When Obama debated Romney, finally- some of this was on display. For years we've been told Barack Obama was one of the smartest people on earth while many of us still wonder how he got into law school. We have no SATs, LSATs. There are no GPAs or thesis. There's nothing that would make you say "wow this guy is brilliant"...other than a teleprompter.