Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great DVD to rent: "21"

This movie is awesome...on so many levels...

Beyond Kate Bosworth..great casting, and Laurence Fishburne & Kevin Spacey...all the actors nailed it ! the way...the lead(the guy who plays Ben)is a always amazes me when a British dude can fake an American accent...I don't know just seems like it would be harder to do.....

the locations are perfect...obviously Vegas...but..the other is Boston...perfect book ends for what goes on..BASED ON A TRUE STORY...GOTTA DIG IT.

By the way-like my wife, Bosworth looks good in any hair color....

along with the wardrobe &'s a winner.

by the way..Kevin Spacey's recent appearance on Leno was one more reason why Jay continues to beat Letterman in the ratings-...Kevin was doing a variety of impersonations(from his former life as a comedian etc) and Jay let him sit behind the Tonite Show desk and imitate the late Johnny Carson(respectfully) and it was truly a funny piece of Late nite TV to see Jay
interacting with Spacey as Johnny.....

I remember how funny I thought Letterman's throwing the pencil into the glass schtick was 25 years ago....

it's not even that funny when my 7 year old does it....

as long as we're on the topic of Late will be interesting to see what happens when
Conan and Dave go head to head in 2009

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hey, are you on CRACK....or CAFFEINE ?

of course they said 5 bucks for a Latte......and millions paid...

remember when people oversees in wherever-the-heck-a-stan used to save their STARBUCKS cups just to carry around and refill them WITH ANYTHING ..because they looked hip?

( fill mine up with UNLEADED... real UNLEADED GASOLINE..if ya got it)

Last year STARBUCKS opened 3 new stores a day...NEXT year they plan only 4 openings per week...

The stock has dropped 45% in the past year. STOP THE CAFFEINITY !

DON'T BLAME ME...I continue to buy the occasional decaf caf.....AS LONG AS I CAN GET IT IN A BOOK STORE........

Thursday, July 17, 2008


DEAL OR NO DEAL......I don't know what it is about this show...I can't stand it ! The money, The crowds, THE CHICKS WITH THE BRIEFCASES ??? what is that ? Sorry America..I'm the one guy who's missing it.

Swingtown-...right up the turnpike from Hussyville..turn left at SLUTTERTON....that show s**ks. (I tried...I just couldn't watch any more)

I Survived a Japanese Game Show- I barely Survived watching it ! GARBAGE..or in Japanese That would be GARBAGE.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just got back from Starters Riverport.....where Musikfest held it's Star of Bethlehem semi finals . I thought I'd check it out. Although,I'm not involved with the show this year, I was the emcee for 2005,2006...and an audience member in 2007 and a handfull of people still keep in touch with me. There certainly are some very talented people in the Lehigh Valley. The judges picked 8 of 18...I think one contestant didn't show-.......kinda of crazy there with 64 sports screens....anyway....

Remember it takes a buttload of courage for every contestant to sing with no back up vocals or music...AT STARTERS !

....I didn't pick 8.....I went with less

Here's my 5

Nancy Coletti...she ripped a silky smooth but rhythmic version of Rt 66 * good stage presence

Alizabeth Pimentel...what a voice ! she sang Dream

Alejandra Valeria Santos( Ali) ...a sultry version of Summertime- I'm partial to Gershwin
but she nailed it * more good stage presence and

Erin Kelly-great Rightous Brothers..big voice out of a small body and on key

Alfin F. Nadjib- His version of Let's stay together smoked and Alfin proves Looks can be
deceiving- I've never heard an Asian looking man sing that before
AND he made it work...nor have I ever seen an Asian man named Alfin Nadjib
*good stage presence & cool hat

here are who the official judges picked: THE ACTUAL RESULTS

Nancy Coletti
Elena Zervos
Cory Stelzman
Salvatore Ritz
Emanuel Zervos
Alizabeth Pimentel
Erin Kelly
Alfin Nadjib

Best of Luck

See you 'round the Platz