Monday, October 18, 2010

In Washington DC America no longer matters and Character no longer counts.

176 years. 176 years is the combined total of years that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters have been in politics. That's too long.

Waters and Rangel are currently under ethics investigations but The White House is holding off til AFTER NOVEMBER.

176 years....and that's only 4 people.

Now you know why I'm for term limits.

There are NOW MORE GOVERNMENT JOBS THAN ANY OTHER TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES...and more than the private sector. That's absurd when you think about it. How many jobs should YOUR TAXES pay for anyway ?

How's your job going ?

How's your country going ?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean miners' incredible rescue

God bless the Chilean miners who held it together while waiting. Some people come apart when they're stuck in traffic for an hour never mind being stuck at the center of the earth for two months. Kudos to the president of Chile and the rescuers who teamed up with NASA and a Pennsylvania drill bit maker to bring the miners back. The Chilean President didn't yap about whos "ass he was gonna kick"-he just got his own ass to where the crisis was and handled it. LEADERSHIP doesn't need a teleprompter.

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Don't make me look bad now....I'm betting on you"- Barack Obama Oct 7, 2010

Barack Obama has always thought it was all about him...whether it's a book or a speech.
But yesterday maybe he was onto something when instead of blaming George Bush for making him look bad, he thought he'd take a shot at the voters. "Don't make ME look bad NOW....I'M betting on you." Almost. So close.
perhaps maybe even on his way..... to admitting he's making things much worse- ...nope.

"Don't make me look bad NOW.."

Too late.

I guess it's up to us to save the President's political career. I'll get right on that.

The president was elected November 2008.
Check your calenders.

Don't make him look bad ?

Federal spending is up 9%

The Obama administration is suing Arizona clear reason.

Don't make him look bad ?

National unemployment is 9.6- GALLUP says real number is 10.1

Don't make him look bad ?

Food stamps and Forclosures in the U.S.- set all time record last month

Don't make Obama look bad ?

18 months to rack up the highest deficit in our nation's history

Obamacare numbers released: they dont add up and 1/2 of the selling points were fake.
A dozen states are suing over it.

Don't make Obama look bad ?

Too late. Barack Obama looks bad....and not the Michael Jackson good bad.

In 18 months the President has gone from blaming Bush in every speech to shifting the blame to
the American voter.

Last week he said there was a "Democrat enthusiasm gap"

One nation under Obama
- Is that really something to be enthusiastic about ?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barack Obama's Backyard Canard

He's back ! ..and he's bigger than ever ? Not really. President Obama is taking his low approval ratings on the road as he starts his 2012 presidential campaign. He's taking some time off from the golf course to visit backyard BBQs and talk with the "folks".
Yes he can -because you're paying for it.
It's the YAWN ON THE LAWN. Over the next 5 weeks we'll find out if America's most likable liar is still the worlds most lovable leftist. Probably not. Here's why: The Obamacare con has been exposed . Backyard photo ops will not change the fact that premiums are going up and up and up and will climb higher than ever before for most people, you will not be able to keep your own insurance and doctors are already dropping medicare. One by that more Americans and the Democrats have actually read the LAW, the scam of those 2700 plus pages is being exposed. Why is there a 3.8 % real estate tax in there and why are college loans taken over by the government ? Why do I want my 26 year old on my insurance again ? Because Obama says he's a child ? The Obama administration knew that Obamacare would actually RAISE COSTS according to the congressional budget office yet they continued to lie to shove it down our throats. Americans can read.
But enough about THAT government takeover. How's the economy Mr. President ?...would you like another hot dog, can I get you a soda ? So glad you came by our backyard to use us as a prop for your campaign. We remember when you did that with doctors and nurses .

Now that Obama has been to church FIVE times this year, he's talking about Jesus a lot. So just to be clear , The President is in our back yard, with the biggest deficit in history, 10% plus unemployement rates in major cities and states across the country, highest home foreclosure rates since 1963, two wars, a failed economic plan,the U.S. government is now the country's largest employer, and he's still blaming Bush AND.....

yesterday he asked Americans to stick with him because more change is comin'. And now he's talking about his relationship with Jesus - BUT Obama was the first president since Truman to NOT recognize the National Day of Prayer at The White House.

No You Can't

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OBAMA's actions Speak Louder than his words ...and that's his problem.

That's been Obama's problem since day one. He says one thing, writes something else in his books, voted another way, then shows up at Martha's Vinyard in time to walk back a statement he made about something he said he wrote.
Ever since Barack was a young whatever whenever "back in the day" -
the American people have no dates, no times, no passport, no college transcripts, no yearbooks and the only written record of Barack Hussain Obama are two books he wrote and a bunch of speeches his speechwriter's wrote. These speeches by the way sound a lot like the speeches that were written for his friend Deval Patrick (Gov of Mass.) You read them and decide;
Just because the same people wrote them and they might sound the same-
anyway ever since back in the day show me 3 facts in a row that line up about Barack Obama. And now we're expected to believe this man is forthcoming about who he is religiously ?

Let's go purely on President Obama's actions on the "Muslim" thing and see why 18% of the American people believe he is a Muslim. Could it be because his father was a Muslim from Kenya and his mom from Kansas did not practice a religion? Could it be his knowledge of the Quora'n and his ability to recite phrases from it ? Or is it the fact he said "IF YOU TOOK THE NUMBER OF MUSLIM AMERICANS, AMERICA WOULD BE ONE OF THE LARGEST MUSLIM NATIONS IN THE WORLD.
43 % of Americans say they don't know his religion. Could this be that although he says he prays everyday, he was the first president since Truman not to have a White House National Day of Prayer event yet the prayer mats were out just last month?

According to Pew research, 43 % of blacks and 46 % of Democrats say he is a Christian
18% of Independents say he's a Muslim. Overall 34% of Americans think our President is a Christian.
48% of Americans say that Obama relies on his religion the right amount when he uses it. Remember Obama says he prays every day. Bush said the same. 53% said this about Bush in 2004 according to Pew research.

52% of Americans say churches should stay away form politics.

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ? Considering the garbage that is dumped on Christians worldwide and in America on a regular basis for wanting to do things like manger displays ,saying Christmas, posting the Ten Commandments and the more radical Christians who think that killing a baby is killing a baby, Do you think the radical version of a religion like Islam being linked to the leader of the free world might be a problem ? I do.
Besides the fact that our armed forces are fighting terrorist cells comprised of Radical Muslims , the lack of clarity on this issue with President Barack Hussain Obama is not good for our country. The Pew report goes onto say that Muslims in the United Stated comprise only .1 % of our population. But mosque construction is at an all time high in America.
Our President should stop Apologizing for America. And start asking questions of a religion that tortures women ,blows up schools/ malls and cuts off people's part of a strategy. THAT is Radical Muslim.

President Obama needs to get his priorities straight. I don't care who he prays to or where he went to school to study Muslim . He's not the president of the world or a mosque.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AMERICA STILL HELD political correctness of radical Islam

Yesterday during a discussion on Facebook about the mosque at ground zero, a guy named ***** took the same fall back position about radical Islam that we've been hearing since before 9-11. And that position is that all religions kill and have killed for years..and that all gods are the same.

I pointed out that globally that's not the case- it's just the radical Islam kinds that behave that way. Cutting off real human heads- all the time , strapping the bombs to children, blowing up as many innocents as they possibly can everyday- And here in the USA...well it's the radical Islam kind....where that same religion disguises itself as one thing to shoot up an American military base.
But when it comes to "The media's Religion of Peace", it's tough to get a fact in edgewise. Maybe AMERICANS are afraid to discuss this simply because not all of us own or can afford a bomb-sniffing dog. Let's face it, Talk trash about Jesus, the son of my God and most people just blow it off. Talk trash about The Qura'n and some people might BLOW YOU UP. Even agnostics are careful not to offend ALLAH.

The next time someone supports Sharia Law and claims it carries the weight of our U.S. Constituion, explain to them that THIS IS AMERICA. But offer them a chance to live under Sharia Law for a couple months.

I found nothing in the Torah or the Bible about those Gods killing all who cover the earth that don't convert or become slaves. But in the Qura'n there are specific instructions.

Me- I find that VERY ANTI-AMERICAN. Not wanting my family's head cut off because I love Jesus. My debate buddy ****** thought that made me a bigot. I guess 9-11-01 was a historical blip for too many people. The fact that so many people speak on this subject and have read one piece of history is...well it's a shame for AMERICA.

Read the news. It's tragic. But it's our country not Allah's. Since 9-11 I've heard people claim that the Bible, the Torah and the Qura'n are all the same. THEN THE BOOK STORE RIPPED ME OFF 'CAUSE MY COPIES ARE ALL DIFFERENT. But as long as we're talking about books ,the religion of peace and how people are afraid to talk about it at cocktail partys, press conferences and elections:

here are some interesting things to look up on your own.

Sura 2 :106

Sura 16:101

Sura 17:86



What a shame it would be after all the sacrifice of Americans and other military around the world, if Radical Islam dictates the NEW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IN AMERCA. And we continue to let it happen. The only thing getting hijacked is our country...and we're too "whatever" to speak up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will Americans let Obama label them ?

Whoever controls the narrative wins. It's that simple. Barack Obama controlled the media narrative for the better part of two years and for that he is president. That narrative was based on two books that he himself wrote and no one really questioned until now.
Now that million of Americans are having doubts with not only the current administration's policies but the president's agenda and credibility on key issues, the administration must change the narrative. The narrative or storyline is what many Americans will believe about a variety of people ,topics or issues- without researching or confirming facts or conflicting evidence.

For example one of the challenges now facing TeamObama is to portray the Tea Party protesters as violent and racist. Why ?

Because the Tea Party message is resonating with far too many Americans and this is a concern for the administration as it slides further to the left .

If Obama can position the Tea Partiers as crazy angry nuts, then the NEW NARRATIVE of the Tea Parties of smaller government, less taxes and state's rights would gain even more popularity.

Friday, February 26, 2010


One of the best parts about the staged Healthcare summit that only geeks like me watched- was President Obama calling people by their first name.
They have to call him Mr. President yet he called them Dave, John, Mary whatever.
Early in his senate career then Senator Obama said " I'm not interested in being bitch-slapped by John McCain."
People go out of their way to be respectful to Mr. Obama for a variety of reasons, among them his intellect and his superstardom. It's obvious that President Obama is used to being treated this way and expects it. He appears to be a guy who likes to call people out IN PUBLIC...and so does his staff.
In an effort to look like the big man on campus or more likable President Oba....I mean Barry...looked silly ...he looked like a young man trying to scold
the gown-ups now that he's principle for a day( 34 months remaining til schools out)

Another thing that was interesting about the party of " EQUAL TIME' was the Dems got TWICE the time to flap their mouth as the Repubs.
This is good.
With any luck OBAMACARE never sees the light of day after that latest round of lectures from President Obama.

We get it . He's the President and we're not.

He's the president for 34 more months and We're The People of he United States of America and right now he works for us. All 300 million of us. He must show us more respect.
..and instruct his employees to do the same. He's not at Columbia , Occidental or Harvard anymore.

God Bless America and the men and woman who keep it safe

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a Cover-up worth Covering

How did professor Amy Bishop get this far ? In 1986 she shot and killed her brother with a shotgun- by accident according to her family and "some" officials. The official report has been missing since 1987.
The Harvard educated Professor just killed 3 more people- not by accident- at the University of Alabama Huntsville.

How did this woman complete her education, teach at Harvard and end up in tenure discussions at U of Alabama ?

Somebody knows something, somebody helped her accomplish this and somebody is keeping their mouth shut and people are dead.

Calling all investigative reporters : give Paris Hilton and American Idol a rest and dig into this story.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Media's coverage of Dr. Amy Bishop- the University of Alabama shooter

Professor Amy Bishop just shot and killed three people at the University of Alabama Huntsville. She injured several others. As usual the internet is filled with comments and speculation. The usual anger and uninformed jibberish resulting from people's fear and anger .

We know she taught at U of Alabama. We know she went to Harvard. That's it ?


we NOW know she shot and killed her brother with a shotgun-by accident. He was 18,she was 20 at the 1986-while living in Massachusetts. The Police report is missing.

Perhaps this is a lead worth following .

We still don't know where she was born... but the whole Alabamee redneck gun toting comments wont work anymore..especially if you went to Harvard.

That's all you got ? So the leading news organizations in America just cliked on Wiki ? She's a white woman in her 40's with a PHD and her job was to teach American kids. I want to know everything about this suspect.

Where was she born ? Is she married ? Is she a mother? What are of the ages of her kids? What is the state of her family life ? Was she on medication. What was her weapon(s) . Was the gun(s) legally obtained. Were there prior threats ? Were there threats to her? Was any of her research of a sensitive security issue?

The media doesn't know how to just get us THE FACTS any more. Something about the TRUTH scares people. We never just get the truth. I don't want excuses for Amy Bishop.

I don't care about media opinions. I care about facts. Do you have any ? Where can we go as Americans to get the facts. Do I have to drive to Amy's hometown...when I figure it out...and investigate myself ?

And for goodness sake, ask intelligent questions for a change. Stop spinning. Just get to the truth.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CIVILITY and Barack H Obama

Barack Obama is campaigning across America lecturing all Americans to "work toward civility".....

"....Their strategy is F***ing retarded !"- Rahm Emanual Obama's Chief of Staff

"..Republicans are assholes, Barack Obama is not an asshole." - Van Jones Obama's Advisor on Green issues

"God damn America !" Reverand Jeremiah Wright- Obama's Pastor

Monday, February 1, 2010

Is President Barack H. Obama a Likable Liar ?

Barack H. Obama appears to be a lovable leftist and a likable liar who thinks he can still be a laudable leader. NOT THE CASE.

Americans don't like or respect people that don't tell the truth- no matter how charming those people are. (Americans also know alliteration when they see it)

* why does President Obama have to tell us "he's not an ideologue"

or * explain that his plans are not some "Bolshevik plot"

these are Barack Obama's own words.

THIS is certainly a first.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Job openings November 2010

U.S. Senator 36 positions available : base salary $ 174,000.00 GREAT PERKS
(Speaker gets jet and starting salary of $ 223,500.00 )

U.S. Representative 435 positions available : base salary $ 174,000.00 AWESOME BENNIES

Governor of a state 38 positions available: Salary may vary

A thorough knowledge of US Constitution and the candidate's state constitution is required.

Candidates must swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Candidates should not be felons, liars, socialists or communists. *We understand this may change upon taking the job. HOWEVER ,IT WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED.