Friday, September 26, 2008

Should I feel good or bad about this ?

40% of WOMEN consider BLOGS to be a reliable source of advice and information.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Candy Smugglers

My wife and I are Candy smugglers...yes...we are the people that buy our movie candy before the movie and stuff it all into our clothing(it's easier in the colder months). WHY DO WE DO IT? 4 bucks for twizzlers ?'s flavored rubber !
FOUR DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLED WATER . that's why ! Usually I even smuggle my baggy cargo pants or under a folded coat over my arm.....but when it's's tough to get all my favorite candy PLUS water for my wife and me into the movie theatre.....keep in mind we also buy the $54.oo popcorn..sometimes she gets movie ICE CREAM..... we finance it's not like we don't contribute.....BUT ! WHEN YOU CAN GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE..and get enough candy to last through the weekend for 5 bucks....c'mon people. AIN'T NO FANNIE MAE BAIL OUT AT MY HOUSE...I GOTTA CUT BACK WHERE AND WHEN I CAN. So that's why we've become candy smugglers.

HOWEVER-BEWARE OF YOUR SUPPLIERS.....the other night I got the most stale box of Good n Plenty at SuperFresh....tasted like rock salt ! I can't believe I almost went to prison for that.


I watched the Video Music Awards last night on MTV. Here are a few observations:

Britney Spears is Back....Congrats to Britney...Funny ,Sexy & Goofy.

Kid Rock ROCKS BIG- as always.....even with Weezy.

WEEZY HAD THE BEST ACCEPTANCE SPEECH : " I want to Thank God, my Family, and You all(my fans)."

Christina Aguilera: Troubling Fashion choice....what was up with that deep sea DIVE SUIT ?

2008 VMA Host Russell Brand: an Arrogant, rude,offensive, obnoxious Ass with occasional good timing and bad taste... or am I missing something?
but PETA did name him the WOLRDS SEXIEST VEGETARIAN 2007.....maybe they missed something.

Friday, September 5, 2008


What do you think about that? I thought Oprah was about empowering WOMEN.

Would not this be a ratings coup? Actually- the fact that Oprah has refused may turn out to be even BIGGER FOR PALIN.

B104 RADIO ALLENTOWN plus 2 years

Holy Schmoley ! I can't believe TODAY is two years to the day since I last Hosted the B104 morning show in Allentown PA. I remember it for a variety of reasons...among them... it was my wife's birthday, I was leaving for vacation, and I hadn't expected to be "let go" at the time. It's part of the Radio /TV biz...however I had hosted the show for 15 years and at the time of my departure the morning show's and B104's ratings were very strong. That being said, it was the 10th radio station I had worked for in the 8th state I have lived in. My wife and I now call PA 17 years is the longest I've ever lived we chose to start our family in Center Valley.
Our youngest son is 4 , our oldest will be 7 next month.

I had no idea the past two years would be so enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

Here's why:

I pretty much knew who my friends were (are)....... these past 24 months just confirmed it.

I knew my wife of 18 years was understanding and supportive.....these past 24 months just confirmed it.

Starting my own business was /is a blast and some of the mistakes I am making are too FUNNY.(but they make for great speech topics)

The handfull of successes are Sweet...some of the failures...just as sweet.

I've seen more of my sons in the past two years than I did for the first 60 % of their lives. That's incredible stuff. Breakfast conversation with my boys is priceless. Most parents know this. I didn't...because for 22+ years I got up at 3:30 am to go to work...and I went to bed before they did.

Writing a book will drive you crazy- but it's coming along.

I've had a chance to listen to a lot of Radio Stations(as a listener) watch a lot more TV and read more newspapers.
I can see why Radio and Newspapers are losing audience and Cable TV is still packed full of quality programming....if I didn't have a family I would be a COUCH POTATO .......reading books all day and watching TV all night!
I continue Emceeing and Speaking: 610 838-KENM(5366) Youth, Corporate, and other EVENTS.

I'm also partnering with an exciting new magazine called ValleySocial Magazine
as host & executive producer of the ONLINE VIDEO counterpart:

I TEACH THEREFORE I LEARN...... as a college adjunct Teacher and this Fall you might run into me substituting in your school district(it's cool, I've been cleared) I'll be dressed like Jim Belushi.

I enjoy being on the air(past & present). Radio & TV. No audience has ever been nicer to me than the Lehigh Valley listeners/viewers and that continues- I've run into at least 7 of my 9 former listeners since 2006...a few have even hired me. I miss the B104 radio audience but continue to run into more and more of you.

See you around the Lehigh Valley

Be well,