Monday, December 29, 2008

Adam Sandler's latest is worth the ticket price

My wife and I took our 4 & 7 year old sons to see Bedtime Stories over the weekend. It's a fun 90 minute film that a 7 year old can 4 year old was more excited about the candy choices. Bedtime Stories is not as good as CLICK(one of my Sandler favorites) but it had a warm storyline and some cool effects and was packed with kid-like fantasy,what you'd expect from a bedtime story. It was a bit predictable but there was some clever spin thrown in to make it fun. And it didn't hurt that Sandler's sister was played by Courtney Cox. I also appreciated Sandler's poking fun at her "granola-over-the top-save the planet" life style. Russell Brand plays Sandler's best friend, Keri Russell is also a plus and Guy Pearce does an awesome job as "the bad guy".

It's rated PG-13 but I don't think the kids will pick up anything they haven't already learned on the school bus

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The #1 Quote of 2008.....

According to the Yale book of Quotations the #1 quote of 2008 is " I can see Russia from my House" by Tina Fey while she was impersonating Governor Sarah Palin on SNL Sept 13th.

Here's the best part. Sarah Palin never said it. Tina Fey said it . It's funny as heck- it's just not a Palin quote it's a Fey quote.

just words. She looks a lot like the Governor when she does the sketch so a lot of Americans believed it. What do you expect from a population who gets their news from the Daily Show & blogsites. lol

Monday, December 22, 2008

Howie Do It ? How did he ?

Howie's got another New show on NBC. How has Howie Mandell managed to reinvent Allen Funt yet again. He's a genius...and so is his agent ! We've been Punked .....
But you gotta admire his can do attitude ! Wait a minute...I'll call it Ken-do for this Blog!

And for all you DEAL OR NO DEAL fans.....

I don't get it.

Is it the brief cases ? The girls, the crying ? what was it ?



-13 windchill

Friday, December 19, 2008


In case you missed it, last week The Washington DC Superior Court Ruled that there will be NO NATIVITY SCENE IN WASHINGTON DC THIS CHRISTMAS.

the ruling was not based on constitutional or religious reasons but simply on the fact that they were unable to find three wise men or a virgin in Washington DC.

They were however able to locate more than enough asses to fill the stable.

Monday, December 15, 2008

ONLY in America....really...think about it.....

OK...Your house is filled with swastikas and you've named your son Adolf Hitler Campbell (one of his sisters is named Joycelynn Aryan Nation Campbell) and you're upset that the local Shoprite won't write Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler on the 3-year old's Birthday Cake. No this is not a SNL skit. It's for real !

Stand By for lawsuits ! Somebody wants attention.

This "case" is good for at least a solid year's worth of lesson plans if you teach Law, Media, Ethics, History.....and we could go on....Parenting, Civics, Sociology.

Legal: Did Shoprite make a reasonable attempt to provide the same service it provides to others to the Campbells ? I think yes. Actually they could of even written Happy Birthday Adolf-

as there are 365 unique Adolf first names in PA and 302 in NJ ( Texas is #1 with more than 1000)

but I believe the Hitler part was over the line. Yes I'm for free speech but I don't think people should be allowed to yell FIRE in a crowded theatre or say that they have a bomb in school.....and I believe considering Adolf Hitler's (the Nazi who invaded Europe and killed millions-that one)
history...there's been plenty written about the guy.....the full name falls in that catagory of provoking trouble.

example: Happy Birthday Ted vs. Happy Birthday Ted Bundy (look it up)

Please take the time to read the entire article and carefully review the father's responses to how and why he named his children the way he did and the fact that he went to WAL MART and they had no problem with it- well GOD BLESS AMERICA. This story will also make national news within 48 hours. for several reasons....because...most media sits on it's tail and waits for stuff to come to them....and
when you think about it....this is an interesting story on many levels.

Pay attention to how people discuss this and where the emphasis falls....

There are many issues here ...beyond...the sharks(lawyers) planning their moves

Will it become comic fodder or parental horror? A swastika in every room of the house ?
The father claims it is a sign of peace ? Anything to do with the swastika has been horribly perverted since the Nazi party of the 1930's. And the debate will rage on...

But remember one thing.....if this was would of never heard of this story.....the guy would of just vanished one day, the same in the USSR, China and hundreds of other places around the globe.

And one more thing.

If you're one of those morons who keeps calling President George W. Bush Hitler, and saying the United States is a fascist government, for goodness sake please read some books, read some history. Turn off Comedy Central & Oberman long enough to read something besides a blog...ok read a couple blogs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I just finished my Christmas shopping. I'm very excited.

fistfights: 0
flipped off: 0
fondled: 0
pushed: 1 time (by my wife)
shoved: 0
spat on: 0
touched: 1 time (not sure who- it was at Wal Mart)
stared down: 1 time (promenade shops-sale item)
followed: never sure

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 6, 2008

the Genius behind OBAMA's Brilliant speeches

As a person who communicates for a living and teaches public speaking, I think some of Barack Obama's speeches are among the most memorable and engaging of our generation. Speech writing is not easy especially when they are written for world or future world leaders. I was amazed to see that Obama's Director of Speechwriting -and writer of some of those memorable campaign speeches is only 27 years old. An impressive career already for this man: Jon Favreau

Friday, December 5, 2008

Do YOU care about our troops?

Look how easy it is to show it..

Here's the address and all the information: Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights
MD 20791-5456,1077,0_489_8382,00.html

God Bless America


I know times are tough but YOU can still help BAIL OUT HILLARY CLINTON

here's the info:

USA is #1

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today was school store day.. at least that's what my wife told my oldest son and me. So we got up early and I drove my 7 year-old to school. He has been saving his allowance to make some hefty school store purchases. Like some Smencils-those PENCILS that smell can decide what they smell like. he says they're all the rage. In former girl-friend(they're still friends-but no longer an item) gave him a smencil but like his dad, he has to buy several of everything(no reason). You never know when you might need an extra smencil...or if the aroma runs low during a test or something. So we arrived early ...because...he also wanted some retro erasers and some funky folder that WAS ONLY A DOLLAR-can you even imagine ! ? Holy savings ! Bat Boy ! So there we son and a bunch of kids dropped off in the cafeteria.....and me. I'm they're really cuttin' it close..I mean they don't even have the tables set up with all the cool school supply items and smencils and the store opens in 11 seconds. And where are the PTA parents that sell all that cool stuff anyway? So about 10 more minutes go by. my son is really excited. He's taken out his money and refolded it several times. He also has a pocket full of quarters to avoid change making delays. There's only one other parent there with her son in the cafeteria full of kids waiting for I ask her, when do they open the school store for the first graders ? "NEXT THURSDAY AT 8:30" she says. "These kids are waiting to start class"

Well it's a good thing Mr GOOBER and his son were there a week early to get in line for the smencils.

I called Mrs. GOOBER on the way home to re-confirm the wrong date.

Friday, November 28, 2008



Make sure the kids get to see the store video of their mommies & daddies behaving that way-

there was also a pregnant woman knocked down and injured...along with several others.

Some kid in a third world country(that made the stuff ).....will see that video and be even further confused by our strange holiday traditions..among them..getting up at 4am to beat everyone to the ubermall(s) buy buttloads of stuff because Christmas is about: I forgot

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving from


Travel Safe and enjoy the time with your family and remember to eat at least one of each dessert


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

List what YOU have to be THANKFUL for

Make a list of the top things YOU are THANKFUL for.


.....and Have a Meaningful Thanksgiving with your family.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WHO FRAMED SARAH PALIN ? gobble gobble

By now you've probably seen the Sarah Palin Turkey interview...some in the media have already dubbed it Turkeygate.Who is responsible for that uncomfortable background shot of turkeys being killed during the wrap up segment ? Start with the camera person. Why didn't the CAMERA PERSON just pan left a couple inches ? They could of framed Palin in the shot and captured the rest of the interview without the blood and guts . In the entire interview you'll notice that the camera person is able and willing to shoot at a variety of angles and shots, zooming and panning about...but for some reason when the camera person gets SARAH PALIN PERFECTLY FRAMED IN A SHOT SO THE VIEWER CAN SEE TURKEYS BEING SLAUGHTERED, THE CAMERA NEVER MOVES AN INCH. WHY NOT? IT'S SUCH AN EASY FIX.

Notice that the Governor is not looking directly at the camera..she is looking toward the interviewer..presuming her background is DIRECTLY BEHIND HER.....WHICH WOULD NOT BE THE TURKEY MACHINE. I realize that some people get their info from the Daily Show, SNL and the internet....but I couldn't help but notice the MSNBC headlines that are written under this woman as she gives a perfectly intelligent respectful & pleasant interview-OTHER THAN THE WORK OF THE CAMERA PERSON- which she is unaware of. How many times have you gone on vacation...someone has taken a picture/video of you..and when you see say "why did you put THAT in the shot? ..I wanted the palm tree or the hotel on THAT side of me?"

Do you actually think she saw camera playback while she was there? When a camera is on you , you can not tell WHAT THE CAMERA SEES. ....until it's revealed..

The best part of this entire how the Media spread it and the PUBLIC is feeding on pun intended.

This was a slam job...and Sarah,
who travels without telepromptors & media handlers & stage setters- fell for it again...because she probably trusted the interviewer and the harmful can this be?

She even said as much on camera......

My advice to all viewers. WATCH THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW...if you can find all of it and not just the slaughter segment. LISTEN TO THE CONTENT. READ THE LABELS MSNBC & others HAVE WRITTEN UNDER THE GOVERNOR OF ALASKA......Then ask yourself....if the local yocal camera person from your town pulled that stunt on you would you buy the story.


gobble gobble

ps- the real story is how can a camera person be that stupid or cruel ?
remember what the story content started out as.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Let's pretend for this morning, I'm advising Ford,GM & Chrysler..on several issues;

My advice(by the way my website is ..and I can drive myself or fly coach)would be to ...Drive your best BIG HYBRID vehicles to DC make sure the press is following you( you know like you were Obama for a day), ...a USA motorcade of sorts...getting better mileage than some current foreign hybrids....because...Detroit has made a handful of good products over the years...but they just can't market 1/2 of them...although they spend ONE BILLION a year in ADVERTISING !!!!

anyway..make sure you bring your accountants...and keep track of the mileage so the first thing out of your mouth is the GREAT MILEAGE YOU GOT WHILE DRIVING FROM DETROIT TO DC....-then go onto to say

"oh and by the way our accountants packed everything you need Madam chairperson to see what is going where and why"...explaining clearly...if there is anything else you or the Senators need we've got another Yukon Hybrid full of documents for you..and thanks for taking the time to see us and entertain Socialism again.

Then the Union Leaders should apolgize for all the strikes...because even the strike money is looking good now...isn't it?

Drop the talk of ripple effects, and the domino effects on the economy...if you really cared about that, you would of been weeding out the duds from your product lines 15 years ago and focussing on what the consumer wanted and not what the unions and the CEO's wanted.

Then the BIG THREE management team should apologize for bad management.


Further thoughts:

Who's idea was it to TRAVEL BY PRIVATE JET ? ARE YOU CRAZY ?to these hearings? Why didn't you call me first ? I'm still ticked off at you about remaking the GTO......what a debacle ! I used to own a 1969 GTO.....and you guys blew it!

The latest Mustang...nice job. Nice job re-doing the Caddy I used to own one also.

Who came up with the Lincoln pick up truck ? WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING !!!?????

Nice job on the Ford Edge...


Anyway..back to the 7-figure salary heads of the big three...who EVEN WITH THEIR COMPANIES TANKING ARE RICH AND WILL REMAIN THAT WAY FOREVER..NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS...They'll go on to write books...and be experts on Cable news programs


and if they keep bailing all of you out, they should have to bail all 302 million of us out (+12 million-we think) NOT THE ROAD WE WANT TO BE ON (research shows)

Bail yourselves out. Yes YOU CAN. ( I just heard that somewhere.) There are plenty of other car manufacturers to supply the American people.And they have factories HERE AND THEY EMPLOY US CITIZENS. Americans will find a way if THE BIG THREE GO BANKRUPT. There are enough GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS TO KEEP A FEW OF YOUR PLANTS GOING...

Heck...How many vehicles does WASHINGTON BUY FROM YOU GUYS - just for a motorcade ?

at the end of the day...WOULD WE BAIL OUT BILL GATES ? DOUBT IT ! he probably wouldn't want us to anyway.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Morning Man uses F-word

People often ask me what I speak about when I keynote or host events. Ken Daniel was nice enough to sum up one topic at a recent presentation for the Allentown Rotary Club:

Thanks for the article Ken.


Monday, November 17, 2008

The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things-

The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things...
....another reason I enjoy being a subsitute teacher....Every time I'm in a class as a speaker or a teacher I always walk away having learned something. So today when my eyes caught these cool teen book titles(one is a Teen Top 10 Award Winner) I was not only laughing but I told the student readers of these books that I was going to put the titles on my blog...because they're too entertaining not to. Of course now....being a read-aholic...I'm obligated to actually read these books in addition to the 4 I'm currently reading(with less entertaining titles..probably not as geared toward teens)....

and yes it's occurred to me that these are probably chick books...but hey! good lit is good lit.
For people who don't know, The Earth,My Butt and Other Big Round Things is a book by Carolyn Mackler.

and if you get done with that I guess you'd move onto On the Bright side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God by Louise Rennison

or A Bad Boy can be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone

Friday, November 14, 2008


KANYE WEST HAS SECRETLY MARRIED HIMSELF. In a public ceremony, Rapper and God-child Kanye West has openly professed his love for himself and his own talent.....dis time it's for real- explaining that he has finally fallin' in love wit himself for good and he must "close da deal". EARLIER THIS WEEK HE MARRIED HIMSELF SO NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE HIM.
no one attended the party.


I was never much of a road-rager....but I had a mouth on me. A big fat Pottie mouth..especially in the car-or when I got wound up but..never OUT THE WINDOW....'cause who wants to get shot? But as anyone with kids..or who works around kids gotta zip it! I actually enjoyed cussing...especially around my peeps that had pottie was a release of sorts but that's for another day. BUT NEVER ON THE AIR or in front of the yoots(children). So now my vocabulary has become shockingly clean that I even shock myself if a "bad" word slips out even in front of an adult. Anyway, I'm proud of the fact that my 4 & 7 year old boys haven't learned one flippin cuss word from Daddy-o.......although I bust Mommy because...she's forgotten the kids and I have gotten home early and we overhear her giving the dirty dishes verbal WRATH...because I was supposed to have cleaned them.

Yesterday I'm pulling into the promenade shops and the guy in front of me comes to a complete stop for no reason right at the first intersection by Melt..THEN...he doesn't stop at the STOP SIGN....

"CLOWN !" I shout.

My 4 year old says "where daddy?!"

"It's just a figure of speech son, the guy in front of us is driving like a clown !" I say.

My 7 year old says " How can he be driving like a clown, his car is way too big, you mean like a circus clown..around in circles?"

"No" I say " he shouldn't be driving at all because he can't read the signs and he'd be better off at the I called him a clown"

"it's not nice to call people names" says my oldest.....

"I know" I respond "Daddy shouldn't have done that."

"When can we see the clown daddy?" asks my 4-year old.

"It's not a real clown" says the 7 year old..laughing.

"When we go to the circus" I say

"Can we go to the circus tonite daddy?" he asks

I should of just called the guy a poopie-head....everybody's clear on that one

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was reviewing my collection of Barack Obama photos and I can't help but notice how many photographers shoot Obama with a LIGHT SOURCE directly behind his head, his hand , at the tip of his finger, or glowing around his silhouette .....Is this an ET thing, a Jesus thing or a whole new trend in lighting for WORLD LEADERS ? He's never squinting. Why bring a flash if HE'S THE SOURCE OF THE LIGHT?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Without Veterans there would be no USA

Thank you Veterans

Monday, November 10, 2008

In Search Of...Zeke Zelker's latest

Last night my wife and I went to see Zeke Zelker's latest movie IN SEARCH OF.....
It's beyond bold and's good . Although it's not rated..I give it a strong R rating. It's is about how people use sex and each other for a variety of reasons and outcomes. It's both scarey and poignant. Well acted and frighteningly real. Ironically if you were expecting real sexy or funny....well.....It's as far away from American Pie as you can possibly get. Althought there is actually no graphic sex, the consequences of the characters' sexual choices are graphically portrayed. That makes the movie what it is.
Zeke could of easily used sex for sex sake...but he didn't go down that road, or the taboo of it and at times the awkwardness of it becomes a catalyst for strong dialogue and keeps you thinking more than viewing. Combine this with the fact that it was filmed on location in Allentown.....It's a must see IF YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH. The is not something to be taken lightly. Yes the movie is heavy and there is nudity...and if you're a prude, you better skip it...or maybe not.

BORN 1775


Honor, Courage & Character since the Revolutionary War.

Thank you from a grateful civilian

Saturday, November 1, 2008


For the past couple OF YEARS...I've been lucky enough to experience the joy(s) of launching my own business and being at home when I was never home when my wife is working, I get to put my oldest on the bus and many afternoons greet him when he returns home. Last week was one of many special moments when he sprinted off the bus, ran inside, dropped his 87 pound backpack(he's only in first grade-that's why it's so light), and exclaimed "Dad, you're not gonna believe what happened today at lunch!"....I'm cake & ice cream...
"what?" I exclaimed back-even more excited. "I was invited to sit at the peanut -free table...invited- and you have to be can't just walk over there with your food!"....he said. "HOLY SCHMOLEY" I said..."that's amazing..."how did it happen?"
"well" he continued, "first ******* asked me over then *******, she's a teacher and lunchroom lady, searched me and my lunch for peanuts ...then I took my lunch over and ate with the peanut free kids- IT WAS SO COOL....and I'm gonna do it again !"
"Dood" I said" You are so cool". "What happens if ****** or the other kids have peanuts?" I asked.
"they get really sick" he said so we have to be extra careful with our food around them"

yes times have changed...and in many cases it's for the better.

Friday, October 31, 2008

YO PHILLIES ! Tanks for keepin' it in da Northeast !

For those of us who live or work in NYC, Boston,PA, Jersey or PHILLY !
Tanks for keepin' it in da northeast.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



McCain WINS by 7% nationally, PA by 1%

according to KenMatthewsMedia internal polling McCain/Palin wins PA by 1% and wins the national election by 7%

margin of error +/- 18 x 12.8 % of ~ derivative of global inverted segmented ++ sampling x.8758975 -14/16+ 157

Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain gets it done 24/7, Obama rich, stylish & sleek

in a BRAND ASSOCIATION SURVEY Americans believe

John McCain is more like Jack Baur of 24 (both can take a beating and finish the job )

Obama is more like James Bond(both look great in a suit on stage)

The Car Brands:

McCain= FORD

Obama= BMW

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FALL HAS IT ALL...gruesome to gross....schlock to Shock

I love a crisp Fall breeze- it's like a righteous wind blowing up my pant leg.....and the leaves......gently parachuting onto my sorta gives me hope...hope that my neighbor will change the direction of his...leaf blower. Like a lot of people Fall is my favorite time of year..and it's not just because of politics. My kids love it too...and so do fashion wife enjoys the snuggling and the extra layer of clothing & shoes my boys and I leave on the floor and in the hamper. I like the way the house and neighborhood smells when someone is burning their fireplace.

And let's not forget youngest son(now 4) called it WEEN until he was 2....then it got on our nerves so we decided to correct him. That's the little guy's favorite "holiday". Last week we were at the LVM Halloween store...upper level..looking for a costume for my oldest(7) youngest already has his MR. INCREDIBLE suit...anyway we're makin' our way through the isles...ghost-check, goblins-check,rubber presidents masks-check, polymer tombstones-check, crazy hair wigs & claws-check....
BAM ! LIFELIKE BURNT HUMAN SEVERED LIMBS ON AN OUTDOOR BBQ GRILL.....easy cowboy...what did I miss ? to a lifelike bleeding rat in a cage....woops....NO CHECK..THERE....ok I have a 4 & 7 year old...they are not combat vets or EMTs so this was a bit new to the kids...and unlike a lot of Americans(not me) they had not seen SAW I,II,III,VI,or V.
I quickly steered them out of that area back to the ghostly halloweenie goblin skeletenesk kind of stuff..and away from the ADULT SECTION.....

I got home and told my wife about it suggesting that maybe there should be "big Goblin" and "little Goblin" know what I parents don't have to explain why there's a crime scene in the Halloween their kids...

she's a Halloween store....people know what they're getting into. This from a woman who refuses to see the movie STRANGERS...with me ...because she claims it's too horrifying.....
anyway...they were' VERY lifelike for those of you who have seen real body parts.......

I'm for a friendly warning.....what do you think ?

ps- I've been busting my wife non-stop about it .....I told her we should get rid of that Disney crap and watch Friday the 13th and Halloween with the little guys.....NIGHTMARES SCHMIGHTMARES.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008



America is the greatest nation on earth

Friday, October 17, 2008

"JOE" :21st Century it guy & Political everyman(person)

Before there was Joe Sixpack & Joe the Plumber & Joe the Six Term Senator(Jo-Bi...not to be confused with J-Lo)

There was Joe Blow(everywhere), Jo Leen, Joe Bob(Southern swing states), Jo Jo(top 40 radio)& JoAnn( my neighbor)

and let's not forget Joe Mamma

That's a lot of Joe

Sunday, October 12, 2008



by popular demand(several people commented)

Rangers, Flyers, Sarah Palin Season opener....

feel free to contact me if you want to know how the crowd really reacted to Sarah Palin. I had great seats for what was a good game....for the Rangers first 40 minutes..then the Flyers remembered...hey ..."gosh darnit"!.this isn't practice you betcha ! quote the well-applauded & slightly booed Governor Sarah Palin

So the 3rd period was solid...too late however because we(Flyers) lost 4-3..... & learn more here:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Whats causing dramatic drop in car sales ? GOSH...I don't know....any thoughts on your end ?

Bad credit, Gas prices...or Too many car dealership owners and car salesman doing their own TV commercials ?

It's a deadly combination of all three

so push, pull or drag what's left of your credit, mortgage or reputation over to
Blah Blah's Blah Blah...Home of the Blah one else has THAT...and buy a new or used BLAH that you don't need. At Blah we're family owned & operated...and we don't care if we make money, as long as you save. BLAH BLAH...or my name isn't BLAH BLAH AND BLAHBLAHAHBLAHEEBLA

Saturday, October 4, 2008


OJ Simpson has been found guilty on all of his most recent charges which knocks him out of MTV and VH-1 reality show contention...although his fan mail will now probably increase

Friday, October 3, 2008


For years they have been telling us our homes are our biggest investments....followed by...depending on the sales person..our cars. WRONG & WRONG AGAIN. Our biggest investments are our children - They have the best ROI as well. I felt this way long before coming a parent 7 + years ago(I know, I'm still a newbie) and of course I'm even more passionate about it now. Because People DO NOT DEPRECIATE....THINGS DO.
News Flash ! Most kids couldn't care less about the size of their house - They care who's in it and when they get home.


visit :

Thursday, October 2, 2008





or are you just gonna get someone else's spin on it? lol (actually it's not funny)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Should I feel good or bad about this ?

40% of WOMEN consider BLOGS to be a reliable source of advice and information.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Candy Smugglers

My wife and I are Candy smugglers...yes...we are the people that buy our movie candy before the movie and stuff it all into our clothing(it's easier in the colder months). WHY DO WE DO IT? 4 bucks for twizzlers ?'s flavored rubber !
FOUR DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLED WATER . that's why ! Usually I even smuggle my baggy cargo pants or under a folded coat over my arm.....but when it's's tough to get all my favorite candy PLUS water for my wife and me into the movie theatre.....keep in mind we also buy the $54.oo popcorn..sometimes she gets movie ICE CREAM..... we finance it's not like we don't contribute.....BUT ! WHEN YOU CAN GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE..and get enough candy to last through the weekend for 5 bucks....c'mon people. AIN'T NO FANNIE MAE BAIL OUT AT MY HOUSE...I GOTTA CUT BACK WHERE AND WHEN I CAN. So that's why we've become candy smugglers.

HOWEVER-BEWARE OF YOUR SUPPLIERS.....the other night I got the most stale box of Good n Plenty at SuperFresh....tasted like rock salt ! I can't believe I almost went to prison for that.


I watched the Video Music Awards last night on MTV. Here are a few observations:

Britney Spears is Back....Congrats to Britney...Funny ,Sexy & Goofy.

Kid Rock ROCKS BIG- as always.....even with Weezy.

WEEZY HAD THE BEST ACCEPTANCE SPEECH : " I want to Thank God, my Family, and You all(my fans)."

Christina Aguilera: Troubling Fashion choice....what was up with that deep sea DIVE SUIT ?

2008 VMA Host Russell Brand: an Arrogant, rude,offensive, obnoxious Ass with occasional good timing and bad taste... or am I missing something?
but PETA did name him the WOLRDS SEXIEST VEGETARIAN 2007.....maybe they missed something.

Friday, September 5, 2008


What do you think about that? I thought Oprah was about empowering WOMEN.

Would not this be a ratings coup? Actually- the fact that Oprah has refused may turn out to be even BIGGER FOR PALIN.

B104 RADIO ALLENTOWN plus 2 years

Holy Schmoley ! I can't believe TODAY is two years to the day since I last Hosted the B104 morning show in Allentown PA. I remember it for a variety of reasons...among them... it was my wife's birthday, I was leaving for vacation, and I hadn't expected to be "let go" at the time. It's part of the Radio /TV biz...however I had hosted the show for 15 years and at the time of my departure the morning show's and B104's ratings were very strong. That being said, it was the 10th radio station I had worked for in the 8th state I have lived in. My wife and I now call PA 17 years is the longest I've ever lived we chose to start our family in Center Valley.
Our youngest son is 4 , our oldest will be 7 next month.

I had no idea the past two years would be so enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

Here's why:

I pretty much knew who my friends were (are)....... these past 24 months just confirmed it.

I knew my wife of 18 years was understanding and supportive.....these past 24 months just confirmed it.

Starting my own business was /is a blast and some of the mistakes I am making are too FUNNY.(but they make for great speech topics)

The handfull of successes are Sweet...some of the failures...just as sweet.

I've seen more of my sons in the past two years than I did for the first 60 % of their lives. That's incredible stuff. Breakfast conversation with my boys is priceless. Most parents know this. I didn't...because for 22+ years I got up at 3:30 am to go to work...and I went to bed before they did.

Writing a book will drive you crazy- but it's coming along.

I've had a chance to listen to a lot of Radio Stations(as a listener) watch a lot more TV and read more newspapers.
I can see why Radio and Newspapers are losing audience and Cable TV is still packed full of quality programming....if I didn't have a family I would be a COUCH POTATO .......reading books all day and watching TV all night!
I continue Emceeing and Speaking: 610 838-KENM(5366) Youth, Corporate, and other EVENTS.

I'm also partnering with an exciting new magazine called ValleySocial Magazine
as host & executive producer of the ONLINE VIDEO counterpart:

I TEACH THEREFORE I LEARN...... as a college adjunct Teacher and this Fall you might run into me substituting in your school district(it's cool, I've been cleared) I'll be dressed like Jim Belushi.

I enjoy being on the air(past & present). Radio & TV. No audience has ever been nicer to me than the Lehigh Valley listeners/viewers and that continues- I've run into at least 7 of my 9 former listeners since 2006...a few have even hired me. I miss the B104 radio audience but continue to run into more and more of you.

See you around the Lehigh Valley

Be well,


Friday, August 29, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin Republican VP nominee

WOW. what a crazy week! If you teach Public Speaking,you couldn't of asked for a better Democratic National Convention to have followed...not to mention the historical significance of it all.

...and as a Marketing couldn't of asked for a more exciting day .
Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is a marketer's dream on about 8 different levels .

and...if you're a political junkie-like me- you know that this is the most HISTORIC Presidential race...and as of today is just took on SUPER BOWL-WORLD SERIES-
maybe even..dare I say it........ MUSIKFEST(lol) proportions !

and if you're and AMERICAN CITIZEN...ya think you'll get involved NOW ?

The most watched Vice Presidential debate in history will be Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin

I'll have to tivo UFC that night.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


About 10 years ago my wife and I saw Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum on Broadway...starring Nathan Lane.. it was a Friday and at one point in the show, Nathan lane blew a line- came out of character and spoke to the audience as himself...." hey..whatta want?" he said
"'s been a long week !" then BAM ! Right back into character. was brilliant and hysterical....

So Imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw that OBAMA has chosen to use the exact same Broadway set/stage for his acceptance speech tomorrow night at the Democratic National Convention....right down to the forum columns. Something funny happened on the way to the convention. HEY WHATTA WANT? IT'S BEEN A LONG WEEK!

look for Nathan Lane.........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

46 is the new 30......that's my story and I'm stickin' to it !

Harrison Ford- Indiana Jones'n, Bruce Willis-Die Hardest..and Sly - Rambo 11...................
all get the AARP discounts at Friendlys but they're some of the doods that have redefined MAN-YEARS...

Just like Madonna and the Desperate Housewifes redefined WOMAN-YEARS........

Note to Madonna--FOR THE LOVE OF BEAT ! Put down the barbells ! You're getting tooo sinewy!

Remember Linda Hamilton in the first Terminator?...she was on the line...but she had to kill Arnold, all Madonna has to do is dance...and whatever....

by the way-Stallone looks great for 79

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've lived in PA now for 17 years and I still don't get why they put down OIL and STONES over perfectly good pavement .....what does this do exactly ?

are the body shops in on this ?


I was waiting...waiting for at least 3 episodes of The Cleaner on A & E...before I started to rave about it. I was hooked on the first episode...but then I have an addictive personality...I'm not making light of it's subject matter when I say that- far from it ! The Cleaner, like Saving Grace on TNT are two of the best shows on TV but they are an aquired taste. They are about broken people trying to make things right...trying to fix themselves. Not just broke($) people or people breaking up,confused people or out of work people- I'm talkin' about the kind of broken people where nothing ever heals correctly , people destroying themselves from the inside out and taking everyone within arms reach down with them...but the shows are not constrained by the political correctness of network censors so they're raw and frightenly authentic...and among my favorite parts ; Each of the shows main characters has a real and at times dysfunctional relationship with GOD. To have God in the mix-and he somehow always is - with this kind of subject matter is what makes both Holly Hunter of Grace and Bejamin Bratt of The Cleaner not just a couple of cable cliches using profanity and finding themselves in horrific situations. I'm worried about Holly Hunter though...she needs to gain some weight...maybe she's working to hard...but that woman can act like nobody's business. Considering the backdrop subject matter of both shows...drug addiction & crime...they usually end with hope....after taking the viewer to some very dark places. The big play week after week is the family dynamic and how it is affected by these bad things and the struggle. It's real and that's the ticket.

Parents should watch it.(rated MA)

Kids...why are you up at 10pm ?

Saving Grace 10pm TNT Mondays
The Cleaner 10pm A & E Mondays


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great DVD to rent: "21"

This movie is awesome...on so many levels...

Beyond Kate Bosworth..great casting, and Laurence Fishburne & Kevin Spacey...all the actors nailed it ! the way...the lead(the guy who plays Ben)is a always amazes me when a British dude can fake an American accent...I don't know just seems like it would be harder to do.....

the locations are perfect...obviously Vegas...but..the other is Boston...perfect book ends for what goes on..BASED ON A TRUE STORY...GOTTA DIG IT.

By the way-like my wife, Bosworth looks good in any hair color....

along with the wardrobe &'s a winner.

by the way..Kevin Spacey's recent appearance on Leno was one more reason why Jay continues to beat Letterman in the ratings-...Kevin was doing a variety of impersonations(from his former life as a comedian etc) and Jay let him sit behind the Tonite Show desk and imitate the late Johnny Carson(respectfully) and it was truly a funny piece of Late nite TV to see Jay
interacting with Spacey as Johnny.....

I remember how funny I thought Letterman's throwing the pencil into the glass schtick was 25 years ago....

it's not even that funny when my 7 year old does it....

as long as we're on the topic of Late will be interesting to see what happens when
Conan and Dave go head to head in 2009

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hey, are you on CRACK....or CAFFEINE ?

of course they said 5 bucks for a Latte......and millions paid...

remember when people oversees in wherever-the-heck-a-stan used to save their STARBUCKS cups just to carry around and refill them WITH ANYTHING ..because they looked hip?

( fill mine up with UNLEADED... real UNLEADED GASOLINE..if ya got it)

Last year STARBUCKS opened 3 new stores a day...NEXT year they plan only 4 openings per week...

The stock has dropped 45% in the past year. STOP THE CAFFEINITY !

DON'T BLAME ME...I continue to buy the occasional decaf caf.....AS LONG AS I CAN GET IT IN A BOOK STORE........

Thursday, July 17, 2008


DEAL OR NO DEAL......I don't know what it is about this show...I can't stand it ! The money, The crowds, THE CHICKS WITH THE BRIEFCASES ??? what is that ? Sorry America..I'm the one guy who's missing it.

Swingtown-...right up the turnpike from Hussyville..turn left at SLUTTERTON....that show s**ks. (I tried...I just couldn't watch any more)

I Survived a Japanese Game Show- I barely Survived watching it ! GARBAGE..or in Japanese That would be GARBAGE.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just got back from Starters Riverport.....where Musikfest held it's Star of Bethlehem semi finals . I thought I'd check it out. Although,I'm not involved with the show this year, I was the emcee for 2005,2006...and an audience member in 2007 and a handfull of people still keep in touch with me. There certainly are some very talented people in the Lehigh Valley. The judges picked 8 of 18...I think one contestant didn't show-.......kinda of crazy there with 64 sports screens....anyway....

Remember it takes a buttload of courage for every contestant to sing with no back up vocals or music...AT STARTERS !

....I didn't pick 8.....I went with less

Here's my 5

Nancy Coletti...she ripped a silky smooth but rhythmic version of Rt 66 * good stage presence

Alizabeth Pimentel...what a voice ! she sang Dream

Alejandra Valeria Santos( Ali) ...a sultry version of Summertime- I'm partial to Gershwin
but she nailed it * more good stage presence and

Erin Kelly-great Rightous Brothers..big voice out of a small body and on key

Alfin F. Nadjib- His version of Let's stay together smoked and Alfin proves Looks can be
deceiving- I've never heard an Asian looking man sing that before
AND he made it work...nor have I ever seen an Asian man named Alfin Nadjib
*good stage presence & cool hat

here are who the official judges picked: THE ACTUAL RESULTS

Nancy Coletti
Elena Zervos
Cory Stelzman
Salvatore Ritz
Emanuel Zervos
Alizabeth Pimentel
Erin Kelly
Alfin Nadjib

Best of Luck

See you 'round the Platz

Monday, June 30, 2008

MTV shocker

yesterday I saw a MUSIC video on MTV...

what's up with that?

WALL-e : robot love and more

there's something for everyone...even SAVE THE PLANET propaganda.....

there are no humans left on earth...just a roach living in a twinkie & hanging out with a robot who falls in love with a visiting robot(she's HOT)......but I don't want to give anymore details away about how the humans ruined EVERYTHING.......DANG US !

Friday, June 27, 2008

Beware of what you wear in the BIG CITY

Cell Phone discipline...and then

I've pretty much gotten to the point where I don't talk on my cell in the car any more...I turn it off at meetings(unless my wife is pregnant-and that wont be happening again !)...I never talk on the phone at my sons sporting events.....they're more important than whoever might be calling..
and I'm not that important that I need to be IN CONTACT WITH THE WORLD AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT.......

Are you on it during a date? at dinner with your spouse ? during a meeting with one person while talking to another ? you don't look look like you can't manage.

and if your people need to call you 24/7... then leave the movie theatre, restaurant, church or funeral to answer the call OR get new people or get a new gig

and text messaging is just as bad . Can you control your thought process long enough to engage the person that your with ? or are you texting timely intel to homeland security?
dood, I didn't know you were working with them - Jack you so had me fooled .

"but I'm just a multi tasker" you say- Perhaps you are just unfocused to the point of being unable to give anyone more than 3-17 minutes of your valuable time without checking , touching , caressing, texting or making love to your cellie ?

"hold on I have to take this call" say- how often ??




then why the cell phone 24/7 ?

"But I have to stay connected " you say, TO WHAT ?

What is so important that we have elevated the most meaningless interuptive jibba jabba to all new heights by allowing it to replace face to face meaningful dialogue ?

When was the last time you had a conversation with any human being for 30 minutes face to face without being interupted by any technology ?

Don't have the time ?

turn off your computer for a while

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tunnel Vision

I think the commutes to New York and to Philadelphia are distinctly different...each has it's own flavor(or flava) or texture...I'll elaborate on that later..but for the moment my favorite part of the NYC commute is definately the Tunnels...Holland or in my case...mostly the Lincoln(16E) .....the sites, the sounds and of course the smells....

although it borders on ridiculous...what seems like 20 lanes of traffic fighting to get into 5 tunnel a cost of 8 bucks a car....I still enjoy the thrill & absurdity of it...OF COURSE I DONT HAVE TO DO IT EVERY DAY......yet.

On a cool yesterday....68...I'll open every window and even the I can experience the full effect as I approach the toll.....breath in every ounce of diesel exhaust from the line of trucks & buses snaking around the inside lane. After I pay the toll, I close the sunroof and begin to jockey for position...and decide if it's worth getting into an accident to prevent someone from cutting in the time I hit the tunnel the AC is up-no need to die of CO poisoning. and then the orderly single file hum of a procession begins...

AND THEN IT STARTS EVERY TIME !....THAT BURNING SMELL...THAT SQUEALING BRAKEY SOUND....and I wonder the entire trip through the tunnel...

Is that my car burning? -are those my brakes squeaking?...should I open the window and risk CO poisoning to check ?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

2008 Father's Day rif.

I think there are several things that shape a man early on, the relationship with his father, the relationship with his mother and how his parents interact and interacted with each other, along with countless other people. But at the end of the day, at the core- where the Gas hits the's Dad that sets the tone in the man department-Sorry Rosie O'Donnel. That tone might scream in your ear like a siren or it might be some melodic chant from an epdisode of "30-something"- I never liked that show...
I thought those particular tv Dad's were wimpy....

My first father died of cancer at the age of 26. At the time he died, I was the same age as my youngest son is now...3 1/2. He's buried about an hour from here in New Jersey next to his mom. My mom remarried my 2nd Dad ;he and my mother raised my brother and me...and they've been married 41 years (see Shula's blog post).

I learned a lot of things from my father.....most of them I'd like to think were taught the right way but I know a few things maybe were a bit unconventional - let's just say my father can be a bit over the top on an issue or two or three. I am a parent now....and a newbie Dad at that-with a 3 & 6 year old and even I know this dad (parent) thing is a work in progress. My Parents are visiting from Florida, so I took them to my oldest boys T-ball game. My wife had to work and my youngest son was looking for worms to eat with some 3 year old girl he had been chasing around a tree. My boy strikes out first inning...and while "jogging to first base"(which my dad can't stand-jogging anywhere in sports), my son yells to me and everyone in the stands "why don't you ever practice pitching the ball to me".....Parents burst into mother stares in shock.....I looked at my dad...and we laughed our butts off. I then realized that not only had my 6-year already mastered the art of blaming his parents for crap.....he had completely forgotten to keep his eye on the ball- a lesson I had taught him on numerous occasions while pitching to him at home. His next two ups he got hits,it must of come back to him.

There is a guy that I used to work with in his thirties who still hasn't told his Dad he loves him.
Don't wait till the funeral. All my grandparents are dead...all in their 60's. My wife's grandmother...I used to talk about her on my radio shows(here and other states) lived to be 99 1/2. That's the exception to the rule.

So this Father's day my Blog rif is a simple one: dedicated to my Dad.(I said simple, not short)

My Dad was and is a Man Force......not always right, not perfect, but in my corner and ready to kick some ass and always suggesting that I do the same in just about every situation short of a church disagreement with an eldery nun.....yes over the top...but whatta gonna do

After his 2 years in the Army he sailed on the great lakes...on the sister ship of the Edmund Fitgerald...(some of you OLDER boomers might remember the song).

My dad taught us how to shake a man's hand..."Not like a limp fish"

He taught my brother and me a trade..." If you know how to do anything in construction you'll never go hungry"

We know our way around the sea and boats and cars and tools and grills and manly stuff and I love the smell of paint thinner and gas and old hardware stores and old cigar smokin guys telling world war two stories because of my dad( I like the cigar smell..not the old guy smell)

My dad taught me to respect a persons uniform and rank, "learn a person's rank...they earned it,
if you see a man or woman in a US Military uniform-they're willing to go somewhere and die or get some body part blown off for you better respect that"

My Dad's temper was legendary in my hood but he was the first guy shut down the lawn mower for an hour to rescue a bird's nest or move a bunch of bunnies(not playboy bunnies) to a safer place.

Today there are grown men afraid of power tools...not in my dad's world.

He taught us there is no such thing as a fair fight... he was right.

I only saw my father cry twice...once was when his 46 year older sister died of cancer this day I don't think he knows I saw him on the riverbank..but I knew that day something terrible had happened

My dad could of made a big deal about HIS last name and not have let me keep my late father's but he didn't.(my brother-his natural son has his last name)He never called me his step son, and I never called him my step dad....Now I have two boys of my own to carry on my last name.

My father said if I do drugs or come home drunk He'd rip off my arms a beat my head with the time I believed him....I often wondered...would my arms or head hurt worse...and if I was REALLY DRUNK...would it matter?....I never tested his theory.

I've never tried an illegal drug, My first beer was with my father on the back porch: the day I turned 18 the legal drinking age in the state of North Carolina.

no need to share with you the Parental sex talk we got...needless to say....You didn't get people pregnant out of wedlock in our house.

My Dad...has basic rules. Don't lie, don't steal...don't mess with his sons or wife...

There were NO time out chairs in my house....although my dad could of used one.....hey that's a great gift idea

"be home by midnite and it better not be in the back of a Police car"

When my mom called Easter Sunday 2006 to tell me dad was in the hospital with chest pains, my chest tightened.....that wasn't supposed to happen to this rock hard machine of a man.....
What the ??
what if I don't have time to sort things out and raise my sons and show him my Dadness ?
Fortunately it was not a heart attack...and now he's healthier than most health club babyboomers and he still gets nice and ticked off in traffic!

We always ate dinner as a matter what anybody's mood was...Leave it to Beaver may have left the building....but head of household was "in da house"

My dad is not a schmoozer or a networker...but he'll talk about anything with anybody..he doesn't care if he get's a business card out of it or not..he just likes people and likes to talk with 'em. Now that I think of it....I'm not much of a buttkisser either....(you'll have to check with some of my former bosses on that one)

My Dad has always been proud of us...even when we got our butt anything.

As long as we told the truth My dad would tell a principle to take a flyin leap...but on the other hand he also told teachers "feel free to knock the crud out of Kenny or Keith if they give you any lip'

We always had someone to throw us a football , a baseball, or carve a pinewood derby car with
...and he did it at the end of his construction day-he'd just take off his work shoes and put on sneakers.....

I built sets in the drama club...and mine rocked....because My dad & I could build stuff

My father would say: at the end of the day those two arms hanging from your body(the ones he never ripped off) and your brain will get you the job......sooner or later "who you know will only get you so far...and even they'll see if you know or don't know your stuff"

Once at football camp,it was helmuts only this practice- I knew these two guys were gonna probably kick my butt after the game,
..I was scared the whole dad's advice: "whatever you do don't take off your helmut and hit the biggest guy first" They should of kept their helmuts on....especially the tall guy. lol

My dad took me to see PATTON at the drive-in when I was 10. My MOTHER was not happy.
Patton...the father of Kick-assery !...hey there was no NEMO or INCREDIBLES or TOY STORY in 1972

My dad is now 2 years younger than John Mccain..
and I'm 2 months younger than OBAMA

.....and my quest is only beginning to be a dad .. a REAL DAD.....flaws and all.

I'm glad I still have my dad ..

If you still have your dad, I hope you're glad.

To the Fathers out there Good Luck & God Speed

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


If you're near Center Valley, don't miss Upper Saucon Family Fun Days...right up the road from DeSales across from the Library. It's this Saturday from looks good, Sunny & 80. Last year I took the wife and kids, this year I'll be there with Upper Saucon Fire Department-I can show you where the halligan is on Engine 2713. We'll have most of our apparatus( or is it apparati?) there for all the kids (big & little) to check out. Lots of Big honkin' cool firefighting eqipment. And while your there, meet some of the dedicated men and women of our Fire Department.

It was a year ago I had my first encounter with USFD...and then....after conversations with the chief and his wife (an EMT) and of course an extensive tour of all the stuff...while my wife looked on ,I took home an application to review. AND BAM ! Before I knew it I was in Fire School. " a volunteer firefighter, you know..I've always wanted to do that....." and the rest is marriage history....My wife has been very understanding... although she is still in shock in a funny sort of way.

So watch out around the Fire Department Family day exhibit, because...BAM -you might end up being their newest or oldest probie.

Here's some more info on the eats and activities of the rest of Fun day......

Monday, June 9, 2008


Beware...the service is great , the meat is like it's supposed to be.....and if you get one of those fancy'll want to be there for hours...or at least for another decaf cap. The Shula's staff even calls you the next day to make sure everything went well.

For my mom & dad's 41st wedding anniversary my wife and I took them to Shula's Steak house in the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley. What a great evening...I even doggie bagged the bread(I have no shame). Hey, I left with everything I didn't eat on sight. The a la carte veggies
melt in your mouth...and they did the next day for my lunch. I was able to kill the 20 .oz Kansas City Steak that was forklifted onto my pallet....however the double baked potato and the apple cobbler....lasted for another meal. BIG helpings, cooked right, great're gonna pay...
but imagine...actually getting what your paying for..from start to finish and the experience to top it off

I grew up in Florida during Coach Shula's perfect it was extra-cool to take the parents there.

*NOTE: no sports cliches were used in the writing of this post.

....although I know the coach would be proud of his Shula's team last Friday night.

Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher : funny Thespians

What happens in a dopey, sexy date movie with a couple of funny HOTTIES that click.....( in more than a Nikon kind of way)

it's predictable but it works.....

Treat Williams : Kutchers Dad- cool

and Dennis Miller : the judge- cooler

Queen Latifah : the marriage counselor...coolest

Ken Matthews does not have a BLACKBERRY WIRELESS

I do not have a Blackberry wireless nor do I want one....I don't need one . Plus my opposing thumbs are too big. But they do make people look important least for a few minutes......


It's illegal to talk on my CELL PHONE ( I have one of those) in my car....but people can text message till they cross over the median or slam into something ? OMG !

also on facebook

Thursday, May 29, 2008



and apparently his punk son is on the same self-centered page

Don't Drink & Drive

Don't go over 100 mph in a 55

Always wear a seatbelt

Don't serve drugs or booze to minors

Take Responsibility for YOUR OWN ACTIONS

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best bargain at Mayfair..and still around in June

15 dollars .....and worth every penny

gets you:

30 minutes on the paddle boat...go for the Bigger Vessel if you have a 3 1/2 and 6 1/2 year old son...with foam swords ...pretending to be Pirates of the Cedar Beach Carribbean...

Monday...the wind was perfect..there was a nice 3 inch chop out at sea.....we saw a turtle and the duck poop was at an all-time low....

we ran out of provisions 21 minutes into the & water were scarce...I only had 27 food tickets when we shoved there was only enough food for the smallest boy...

and the wind blew the sugar off his funnel cakes into the frothy foam of the open sea....

I think you get the picture.....


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Boomers

it's two weeks away..after 20 years....Indiana Jones and the skull thing....

It's gonna be HUGE...again

something for everyone. and of course the 40 and 50 somethings will cheer on the 60 something

the teens and 20 somethings will cheer on the 20 something

Friday, May 2, 2008

Barbara Walters' OPRAH ratings coup: revealing affair (from the 1970s) with first elected black US senator

Next week on Oprah...ABC's Barbara Walters- will reveal some stuff from her memoir..including a 2 year affair to a former Republican Senator Edward Brooke from the early 1970's( the first black person elected to the senate by popular vote)

WHY ? for ratings , book sales or both.....All that Barbara Walters has managed to accomplish professionally and this will end up being the POWER BUZZ on OPRAH...
it has it all....race, sex, politics, media, the 70's all wrapped up in the Oprah package.......


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Somebody tell Paula Abdul it's not toofer Tuesday

Poor least they tried to save her...sorta...

she's got the feevah..The American Idol feevah....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The latest version of the vid game is released today.


Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry about the bedsheets.... I needed a headline ....This Miley Cyrus VANITY controversy is great ......

for conversation...
and for deep discussion on Branding and marketing....that's part of what I do.
I've often wondered How this Billion dollar Disney Brand Machine-Hannah Montana can juggle the demands of the multi million dollar brand machine Miley Cyrus......

Remember what it was like to be 15. Do you have a 15 year old ? Do you know one? Are you one? Know any worth a Billion $? Sorry too much pressure.

....ya know- now would be the time to introduce some kind of bedding or satin something....
...nevermind...she's only 15....

Isn't Billy Ray on the FAMILY CHANNEL ?

It could be a lot worse- she could be on the cover of Vanity Fair NAKED & PREGNANT....LIKE
DEMI MOORE OR Jamie-Lynn Spears !

"...what we have a failure to communicate"

BRAND 1 Hannah Montana

BRAND 2 Miley Cyrus

BRAND FRACTURE.....the illusion of nudity...*on Miley-photo shop makes it Hannah

unknown factor 15 year old hormones

KNOWN FACTOR the media needs something(someone to feed on)

It will be interesting to read the chapter on this in Ms. Cyrus' upcoming autobiography.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

looking for a great DVD to rent ?

BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOUR DEAD.....ah....that's the it whenever you want. it's rated R. strong stuff.. put the kids in bed..and lock the door(our 3 year-old is always walking in and I'm scrambling to pause the darn thing !) Philip Seymour Hoffman is brilliant...(I met him in NYC a few years ago at the Shorham hotel on 55th-anyway..I won't digress here)...Ethan Hawke is just as good! Marisa Marisa Tomei...but this time she must of went on a pre-film regiment of celery and ice cubes...I barely recognized her. Marisa ! Eat some Pasta for goodness sake ! And the cast is rounded out by Albert Finney who is always on da money !
I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a robbery gone wrong..that's all I'll say about the plot.

Friday, April 25, 2008

INVISIBLE CHILDREN WALK/FUNDRAISER watch this compelling video

Saturday(Tomorrow) April 25 11 am weather looks good

Starts Under the Hill to Hill Bridge in Bethlehem

Organized by Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School students.(action commitee)

T-shirts and buttons available for purchase along with donations.

3 miles to raise money and awareness for war stricken children of Uganda
(no-fee to walk..please sign up day of)

Walk ends at Spring on 4th Chili Cook-Off

Student organizers of the walk are all alumni of the 2nd Mile leadership Institute

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wesley Snipes is going to prison for 3 years because he willfully did not file taxes 3 times.( 38 million bucks + or -.....YES..HE BROKE THE LAW.

and it provides us with another great lesson:


as far as all the other horrific stuff that's on the news that people willfully do to each other and have done to America and sometimes don't even see prison time-....well...... DOES IT INVOLVE THE GOVERNMENT'S SHARE OF YOUR MONEY ?

DUI REPEAT OFFENDERS.....they KILL HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE each many DUI's do you have get before jail -time ?

AL CAPONE's weapon of choice? The baseball bat to the head of his victims(willfully & repeatedly)....How did he end up in prison? THE IRS GOT HIM(and it's a good thing)

He didn't pay the government it's share of his illegally stolen mob cash.

This post could really get out of control...because it's that time "of the year"(tax time) but I'll stop now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The CBS EVENING NEWS just reached its lowest viewership ever.



Friday, April 18, 2008

Had your FILL of DR. PHIL ?

I was never a fan of hanging peoples' pain out for all to see and marketing it for ratings and cash. That's half my issue with reality TV. I just don't think people with real problems are getting REAL help in a "session" with a LIVE audience and 10 million people watching. Which prompted me to make the comment 5 years ago on the radio:" I've had my fill of Dr. Phil..I dont' get it"
......I remember the phones lighting up on the B104 Morning show(which I was still hosting at the time)'d thought I had attacked an American Icon...anyway...


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smart People-Smart Movie

Smart People is worth the money- starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid and Thomas Haden Church....great cast. cool script.

make sure you stick around for the credits and see the slide show wraps up the movie better than the way it just kind of ends.

Ellen Page plays Dennis Quaid's daughter- it's a blast to see her play off of Thomas Haden Church

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Great Slambeeno

So it's T-ball oldest son's first year(he's 6 1/2). I've now been through the swimming and soccer equipment ritual twice...but I have to say the T-ball experience has been the most exciting and enlightening. Yesterday at JumboSports(generic sporting goods store name)we spent the afternoon...buying the correct balls...bat..and T& he can begin his journey to a scholarship that will enable his mother and I to blow ALL his college money on ourselves...... it's only 11 years away! The guy at the store was a college athlete home on break so we got some expert advice. My oldest son is 47 inches tall but we chose not to use the Bat Chart( "to the BAT CHART !")....instead we measured the bat one inch above his hip which put him into a 26" bat......then we did the one arm extended bat hold to make sure it would NOT remove his arm when he swung it. great!

As I turned to look at more baseballs another bat caught my was also aluminum(no wood allowed in T-ball).....but this one was actually a little league bat...a 30 and silver....AND IT COST 199.99 !!!!! The guy said that's not that bad for that particular bat.....ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME? WAS IT THE GREAT BAMBINO'S BAT. I thought bats were like shoes...don't kids grow out of them? Why yes they do. And you'll pay to play. Actually his cleats were on sale for 20.00 bucks...I almost wish he was an octopus because the shoes were such a bargain. The T-ball bats were less expensive...his was $35.00..and shorter.

Meanwhile the woman from New Jersey and her daughter had to get a helmet WITH A FACE CAGE for New can't play anything with a bat unless you have a helmet with a face mask.....a whatever you do don't talk on your cell phone while you're doing it. But seriously, apparently there was an injury, A LAWSUIT...and because it's NEW JERSEY...A NEW the 5 year old wears a helmut that makes her look like one of those cute wooden Fisher Price toys with the round heads from about 35 years ago.
I believe the governor now has to wear the same helmut whenever he's driving.

Back to my son's T-ball stuff..... we even bought some of those really soft practice balls so he and his brother can pound each!.....and the bat comes with a lifetime my 3 1/2 year-old actually has a certified pre-owned bat & cleats(he doesn't know it yet)

at the end of the day it was another credit card moment: PRICELESS

and yeah...every dad knows that is one true cliche

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winston Churchill - Optimum Optimist

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) &

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getting BLOGGED down.......

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted something fresh on this BLOG. Hey- easier said than done. Last Fall, I had a chance to Blog for the Morning Call Newspaper- I would of got the byline and everything....just like Bill White and Paul know the guys that have been WRITING for years and years...BUT they have blog chops and a faithful readership...I passed on it. Although it would of been a great way to let a few former radio listeners of mine know that I can read and write.....Topically.....Blogging is an entirely different ballgame. Where do I go ..?..OR GO OFF. I'm still deciding where to take this blog...which started in November of 2007.

There are so many options....and so many are being done already......

The HELPFUL HINT BLOG- I'm a consultant(so I have to charge for those....hints)
The Marketing Blog -I'm a consultant so I have to get the idea
The POLITICAL VENTING BLOG.......everyone has one
The crass "I can't believe he said that crap" blog.....-half the blogs on the web
The SHOCK BLOG-old news
The Bitter Career Blog.....I like the things I do so..that wouldn't work
THE ENTERTAINMENT BLOG......too many now
The $$$ Blog-have none
The Movie Blog-a million of ' I have a 3 & a 6 year old......(figure it out)
The Advice Blog-(I sell it ) Free advice is usually worth what you pay for it
MY INNER THOUGHTS BLOG- who cares...1/2 the time I don't listen to me
MY OUTER THOUGHTS Blog- who cares 1/2 the time my 3 & 6 year old...well actually I think
they get me.......mentally...anyway...
The Marriage Blog- are you kidding? - I just got my wife new lightbulbs for the kitchen and fixed
the guest bathroom toilet for Easter- Just in the nick of
time..Easter Dinner was wonderful........the ham was like there more? I'm kidding honey !
THE SEX BLOG- There are Governors for that
The Scandel Blog- There are Governors for that
GREAT IDEA BLOG- sorry..I me for a consult.. 610 838-(KENM)5366(consultant-
The BOOK BLOG- I'm writing one( I actually share some of those stories when I speak to
audiences on various topics)......eventually there'll be a book at the back
of the room people could buy- but right now...well it's an empty table with..

So you can see my dilemma....

I did just finish reading my 100th book since being fired for the 7th time...just over 18 months ago...but I've also watched my share of TV..that new show Dexter(CBS) from Showtime-It's brilliant: DARK & BLOODY-BUT SO WELL WRITTEN..... I find myself wondering why I'm rooting for a serial killer-IT'S WRONG BUT.......he makes some great points....

Recently I had one of the most frustrating CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCES EVER....
I have become so disgusted with this company(you would instantly recognize the name) that I am actually building an entire KEYNOTE SPEECH AROUND THEM & WHAT A POOR JOB they did and how they treated me.....the calls (recorded for quality assurance) reached a comical level.....thank goodness I DOCUMENT EVERYTHING for fun and future revenue all ends up in a speech, in a book? or as some of you may remember-......occasionally on a radio program. So I'm waiting to see how and when that TRUE experience will appear. It would of went over like a lead balloon, had I been blogging for the MORNING CALL.

I've also had plenty of excellent customer service experiences with a companies just as I compare those companies with this FLOP in what will eventually become a punchline somewhere down the line perhaps in one of my Public Speaking Classes( I teach as an adjunct--adjunct sounds like something a Chiropractor snaps from your back)

I have noticed a breakdown(not mine)...a breakdown in customer service training......

Remember when "can I talk to your supervisor" carried some weight?


Do I then go down the chain of command?


at least he knows poop when he sees it

hey...I think I might be blogging.......

I'm gonna call Bill White and get me some of those cool Blogsite graphics

Ken Matthews can now be seen & heard on

Monday, March 17, 2008


Did you ever ask someone what kind of music they like and they answer that they like "all kinds"...and maybe you think..WHAT KIND OF ANSWER WAS THAT?...Well if they love's an accurate one....

Here are a few recent picks of mine that fall into the "what I like catagory"

Lenny Kravitz- It is Time For a Love Revolution ( I was just saying that to my wife the other night!) of Lenny's BEST !

Jordan Sparks....(I'll admit I checked out the CD because of the Chris Brown NO AIR duet- turns out the entire CD is stronger than I thought....

Buckcherry-15 (what an awesome set of work-out nuggets !- I'm now benching 60 pounds !)

Michael Buble-Call Me Irresponsible- ( If you don't feel the big fun/style/romance vibe that says-"shower, shave and do something already !", then it's time to get your hearing checked)

Janet Jackson's latest isn't too shabby either but she has raised the bar pretty high in the past

Ken Matthews does not use an i-pod while operating a motor vehicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


What did I miss ? How many more people are going to call this "thing" a tragedy? OR ARE PEOPLE JUST USING IT IN THE LITERARY SENSE ?? How is the Governor of NEW YORK spending five grand an hour on a Hoo...I mean prostitute a tragedy? For who - HIS BANK ?

Kids dying in a fire is a tragedy, a family getting killed in a car crash- tragedy, Tornados, floods,9-11
Horrible situations that rip at the very fiber of our souls and hearts and rattle our minds-those are some tragedies....... SO PLEASE....OUT OF RESPECT FOR TRAGEDY--and I do understand it's all relative....but C'mon......

Try these:

The Governor's Prostitute thing was :

help me out here


And please don't call him a HERO for resigning !

That would be....AN ABOMINATION

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