Friday, August 29, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin Republican VP nominee

WOW. what a crazy week! If you teach Public Speaking,you couldn't of asked for a better Democratic National Convention to have followed...not to mention the historical significance of it all.

...and as a Marketing couldn't of asked for a more exciting day .
Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is a marketer's dream on about 8 different levels .

and...if you're a political junkie-like me- you know that this is the most HISTORIC Presidential race...and as of today is just took on SUPER BOWL-WORLD SERIES-
maybe even..dare I say it........ MUSIKFEST(lol) proportions !

and if you're and AMERICAN CITIZEN...ya think you'll get involved NOW ?

The most watched Vice Presidential debate in history will be Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin

I'll have to tivo UFC that night.....


A.J.C. said...

I'm still not thrilled that Palin was picked, but perhaps I'm just always looking for the conspiracy.

For conversation's sake and nothing more, don't you think that another candidate would be under more pressure for having a teenage daughter who is pregnant? The Spears' family took more grief and they're in the entertainment industry.

I guess those that run our country and counties and so forth aren't role models anymore.

Ken Matthews said...

Imagine this:

What if starting TODAY...every person was measured by the behavior of their 16 year-old son or daughter...This would include CEO's ...Cops,Teachers, both men & women...
Business owners, Pastors etc?

just a thought....

and let's take it a step further...

What if Starting TODAY every teenager was measured by the success or failures of their Parent(s)?

A.J.C. said...

I'm not trying to encourage the calling-out of one's family situations, especially children, but there is an obvious conservative bias here.

It's a two-way street with Palin.

On one hand, it's ridiculous to support this woman and her family by encouraging the pregnancy of an unmarried teenage daughter, by which a message is sent to others (because she is a leader that is now on a national stage) that it's not that bad to get pregnant. Whether or not her daughter chooses to have the baby is meaningless to me; it's the idea of getting pregnant and making it appear harmless, when in actual America it's a real challenge and sometimes ruins relationships and lives.

On the other hand, we are all supportive in the idea that her teenage daughter will be getting married and the family will stick together through the turmoil> they're going to endure.

Palin is sending mixed messages. Get my drift? (It's a bit difficult to get my point across in just a couple of sentences.)

Ken Matthews said...

I hear ya. But what's done is done.

So she is supporting her daughter.

I've never been in that position(a parent of a pregnant child)....

I agree that out of wedlock teenage pregnancy is not really a great example for anyone to be setting...but understanding and support is.

It does put her in an interesting position considering her stance on birth control.