Monday, September 8, 2008

Candy Smugglers

My wife and I are Candy smugglers...yes...we are the people that buy our movie candy before the movie and stuff it all into our clothing(it's easier in the colder months). WHY DO WE DO IT? 4 bucks for twizzlers ?'s flavored rubber !
FOUR DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLED WATER . that's why ! Usually I even smuggle my baggy cargo pants or under a folded coat over my arm.....but when it's's tough to get all my favorite candy PLUS water for my wife and me into the movie theatre.....keep in mind we also buy the $54.oo popcorn..sometimes she gets movie ICE CREAM..... we finance it's not like we don't contribute.....BUT ! WHEN YOU CAN GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE..and get enough candy to last through the weekend for 5 bucks....c'mon people. AIN'T NO FANNIE MAE BAIL OUT AT MY HOUSE...I GOTTA CUT BACK WHERE AND WHEN I CAN. So that's why we've become candy smugglers.

HOWEVER-BEWARE OF YOUR SUPPLIERS.....the other night I got the most stale box of Good n Plenty at SuperFresh....tasted like rock salt ! I can't believe I almost went to prison for that.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

They threw me out of a theater for something similar to what you're describing. I was annoyed; didn't the usher realize it had been months since I last had a bar-b-que?

(thank you Steve Wright)

While the season is winding down, you can always take the short drive to Becky's, where you can bring a full cooler, if you like!

swimfishie said...


My mom taught me to be a candy smuggler...let alone, bring our own popcorn to the theater! Got to love it! I don't blame you...only encourage the fight of saving money!

Katie Bee said...

all those middle schoolers that take over the AMC have an entire CANDY STORE stuffed into their jeans. If they were forced to empty their pockets, it would be the most delicious bust of a smuggling ring EVER.