Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talking on cell phones in Cars

I've never had an issue with people who talk on their phone while driving. My issue is with people that talk on their phone while driving like an idiot. Some people are capable of talking on a cell phone and maintaining control of their vehicle and the steering wheel and being aware of the surrounding enviroment.

Some people are oblivious to all things great and small no matter what they are doing. For example...I cannot drive my car and eat lunch...especially if it requires a knife and fork... Or a big sloppy dripping Sandwich item with stuff hanging all over. Think about it. How could I? without...constantly taking my eyes off the road and rearranging my grip on the steering wheel...not to mention greasing up all the controls in my car which really grosses me out. I do eat in my car...it's usually a Power Bar.....with a plastic bottled water. Easy to drop in an Emergency and nothing will break in my face...when the guy who isn't paying attention runs the stop sign a slams whatever is in my hand into my nose. Glass is not good.

I bring the topic up this morning because of the woman in front of me on 309 South yapping on her cell phone, swerving over the line, and going 31 in a 45. My first thought. TALK OR DRIVE. PICK ONE. I'm sure if you concentrate, you could do one thing well. All of us have things we do well. I know guys that drive 10 ton Fire Engines and they can give clear calm orders on the radio without swerving over the line or crashing into anything...BUT..I would not give them a Manwich at that point. So I don't want this woman to feel bad about this morning...BUT SHE IS A TERRIBLE DRIVER WHEN SHE'S ON HER PHONE. However there are people that can drive safely while talking.

Does her driving improve while she puts on make-up? Drinks a hot coffee/eat a bagel, or fiddle with her i-pod? I don't know, I didn't have time to follow her.



LVCI said...

What you say makes sense.

Otherwise the we'd have to remove the radios from airplanes police cars.

DemoThug said...

45 is the speed LIMIT, not the speed requirement.

dick nepon said...

Since I was run down by a lady driving while talking on the phone, I suggest that it is a dangerous action for many people. I don't want to be the one that gets to find out who doesn't pass the test, again.