Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Socialism not Sexy -Communism not Cool

Where did/do you learn your history? School, TV, the internet, a library-yes books, movies, the news(lol), living people, traveling around the world -your own experience ?

History is more than Oliver Stone and Michael Moore movies or Wikipedia. When we dig deeper, we find that

Communism and Socialism just don't work.

if you know of where they have worked- please let me know.


Katie said...

Neither has Capitalism, if you want to look at it the same way you're looking at Communism and Socialism.

Ken Matthews said...

my question(s) to you would be
again- where has Socialism or Communism succeeded...and how can you say Capitalism has failed ?

Katie Bee said...

Wait, you don't see capitalism eating itself right now because it couldn't produce ever increasing profits? Because the pseudo-socialist regulations on industries were lifted and everything went haywire? Because Wall Street boys started exchanging futures and repackaged mortgages like they were pokemon cards? Because the globalization of capitalism has forced American jobs offshore and we no longer have a tool and dye industry?

I thought that they did a pretty good job under FDR. They thoroughly succeeded their goal of lifting morale. Without them, the U.S. would never have had the trained manpower and industry to meet the needs of WWII, which brought us out of the depression.

DBR said...

So....Katie....is it possible that you don't see that it was government interference in capitalism which has brought us to the mess we're in now? And I hope I'm misreading this, but you're not advocating a world war to get us out of this manufactured "depression," are you?

Jeff Woehrle said...

Government intervention in capitalism created the current problem. Liberals seem to feel that even more intervention will solve it.


Failure is as much a part of the capitalistic process as success. Businesses that cannot succeed must be allowed to fail. Cull the herd, if you will.

Artificial respiration of dying enterprises only prolongs the pain.