Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glenn Beck loses credibility on THE VIEW

Yesterday Glenn Beck was caught in a blatant lie on the view by Barbara and Whoopi-

He's a smart guy and a great entertainer...but a lie is a lie.

they called him out...and the best thing he could do was claim he's not an invetigative reporter ?? He looked like a 13 year old caught stealing something from his mom's purse.

POOF ! liar.....

c'mon Glenn. you're HUGE......BUT SO ARE THE WOMEN OF THE VIEW . Why stretch the truth?

The problem with standing on a there is only so much room to move around. So your balance better be better than every one elses.

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LVCI said...

The real GB gall came the next day on his radio program when he claimed 'The View' girls lied and he now demands an apology from them! Face it, Glenn Beck is an unstable that has been given the job just so Rupert (Fox News) can enjoy the $'s as Beck self implodes much like Morton Downy Jr. and others.

We've seen all this before with Morton Downy Jr's 'Big Mouth' program or Jerry Springer. Difference was with Morton & Springer they were clearly labeled syndicated entertainment shows & not dignified and placed on an actual so-called "NEWS" channel.

Fox needs to drop the logo (bug) NEWS when Fox & Friends, BO, GB, Hannity are on. They ARE NOT "NEWS" programs. Entertainment just as Morning Joe & Olberman is as well.

It sad that any American would take these as actual real news programs when they are entertainment, opinion, COMMENTARY. Nothing more then that!