Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Investigative Reporting vs. PR

I miss investigative reporting. The kind where you come away with the Truth. Remember that ? Did it ever actually happen? Or did we always have to sift through piles of slanted spun and rinsed pap to find out what we needed to know and then confirm it for ourselves ?

Now...with a few exceptions..it's mostly PR(puppet reporting;we say this: you say this. we say that you say that)

Puppet reporting usually has one of two goals: ratings or revenue. The problem is, the puppets rarely achieve either for long. (because they're puppets)

When was the last time you read, listened to or watched a "news" story and thought..

"wow! these people went to the ends of the earth and turned over every stone to get THIS story..and it's a darn good thing or the world may have never known"

Eventually reporters, good ones, have to take risks, puppets don't(they're puppets).
Eventually real reporters will upset some people with the Facts, puppets rarely upset people(they're puppets)
Investigative reporters don't wait for facts to fall in their lap , they go out and Find them....it's called investigating. Puppets don't do that,(they're puppets and they need to be fed-wait that's a chia pet)
Investigative reporters dig for the truth no matter how upsetting it may be to their own view.
(puppets wear felt pants)


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