Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter's RACE COMMENTS are an Embarrassment

Who do former President Jimmy Carter's recent comments on race and Barack Obama embarrass the most; Himself, America, or Barack Obama? Its a tough call. President Jimmy Carter- probably one of the most disappointing one term presidents of all time (see his record) is a self proclaimed expert on race-relations. He was raised in the south and a former governor of Georgia. So I can't help but wonder why he would make such remarks unless it was to provide cover for Barack Obama, a president who's policies are so close to his own it's uncanny. One of the few differences I see between Carter and Obama is, Carter's pastor, friends and czars weren't trashing the United States on a scale never before seen.

My questions for Mr. Carter are; How did Barack Obama get elected? Who actually voted for him millions? Why in the world would you provide fodder for race-baiters like MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews ?

Jimmy Carter, like others, has attempted to make America's reaction to Barack Obama's policies ,which now appear to be different from those of most Americans, based on race .

Shame on you Jimmy Carter- stop making excuses for Barack Obama. It is embarassing.

* I lived in the south under the Jimmy Carter administration
where I began paying taxes in 1978

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