Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Media's coverage of Dr. Amy Bishop- the University of Alabama shooter

Professor Amy Bishop just shot and killed three people at the University of Alabama Huntsville. She injured several others. As usual the internet is filled with comments and speculation. The usual anger and uninformed jibberish resulting from people's fear and anger .

We know she taught at U of Alabama. We know she went to Harvard. That's it ?


we NOW know she shot and killed her brother with a shotgun-by accident. He was 18,she was 20 at the 1986-while living in Massachusetts. The Police report is missing.

Perhaps this is a lead worth following .

We still don't know where she was born... but the whole Alabamee redneck gun toting comments wont work anymore..especially if you went to Harvard.

That's all you got ? So the leading news organizations in America just cliked on Wiki ? She's a white woman in her 40's with a PHD and her job was to teach American kids. I want to know everything about this suspect.

Where was she born ? Is she married ? Is she a mother? What are of the ages of her kids? What is the state of her family life ? Was she on medication. What was her weapon(s) . Was the gun(s) legally obtained. Were there prior threats ? Were there threats to her? Was any of her research of a sensitive security issue?

The media doesn't know how to just get us THE FACTS any more. Something about the TRUTH scares people. We never just get the truth. I don't want excuses for Amy Bishop.

I don't care about media opinions. I care about facts. Do you have any ? Where can we go as Americans to get the facts. Do I have to drive to Amy's hometown...when I figure it out...and investigate myself ?

And for goodness sake, ask intelligent questions for a change. Stop spinning. Just get to the truth.

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