Thursday, January 27, 2011

but but but what about the Patriot Act !?. Yes what about it ?

The PATRIOT ACT (originally called the Anti-Terrorism ACT of 2001)

Senate passed it 98-1
House passed it 357-66

President George W. Bush signed the bill October 2001

"we took the time to look at it, we took the time to read it, and we took time to remove those parts that were unconstitutional and those parts that would have actually hurt liberties of all Americans"- Senator Patrick Leahy(D) Vermont

"If there is one key word that underscores this bill, it is balance"- Senator Chuck Schumer(D) NY

renewed 2005

Senate passed it 89-10
House passed it 251-174

Most recently VOTED ON AND RENEWED 2010...

wait a minute ! How can this be? Didn't Obama get elected November 2008 ?

Why look up facts when you can get part of the story from movie stars and cable hosts ?

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