Sunday, December 16, 2012

Exploiting the Tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary -Newtown School Shooting

 It has to do with people, culture and what's in people's heads.THIS is what some people do not want to deal with. This is what many ANTI-GUN people cannot process. Throughout AMERICAN history people have owned and carried guns. There was never this kind of mass slaughter in the US. The same people that want to exploit this horrible Newtown, CT tragedy in order to take guns aways from Americans do not know enough about world history and the millions...millions of people slaughtered with guns by their own governments. The same people that blame the NRA for this horrible Newtown shooting do not know enough about history or for that matter. Read about Poland, South America, the Congo, Hungry, Cuba , Germany, China...and more..... But I digress. Bad people do horrible things and many people think that they can control bad the thousands who slaughtered tens of thousands of women and children in Africa with machetes(in the 1990's ) If more women in the world had guns in places like Africa- the Middle East- and elsewhere, they wouldn't be the victims of evil men and or evil governments. Maybe of the people that want to take guns away from all Americans DO know about history but just dont care. I'm tired of the media lectures and accusations that somehow because I'm a gun owner and a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment- that I'm not affected by horrible crimes done by bad people with guns...every day. But again I digress- If more store owners had guns they would be pistol whipped , stabbed or killed less. If more women knew how to shoot, there would be fewer battered women, rape victims and fewer car jackings.There will ALWAYS be people who are protected and made secure by guns-many of these people will tell us we should not have guns. The celebrity and the politician with armed security has always been there to tell us we dont need guns or to just dial 911..that's what the police are for.. There will always be people that will compare America to Canada, or England or some other country that does not have 320 million people and OPEN borders. Allow me to digress more. Drunk drivers killed more people last year than bad people with guns. MOST guns used to harm or kill people are stolen . Did the drunks steal the cars ? How should you process this ? How should you(we) process the number of people KILLED because of people who run stop signs ? Look this number up. Do you know how many innocent children are KILLED EVERY YEAR because of people driving too fast, not having their children in a safety seat or blowing through red lights and stop signs? You'll be shocked again. So back to guns...sort of. How big is the engine in your car or truck..can you drive over 65mph ? Do you think it's necessary ? Why would the government let you have a vehicle that could go 140 mph and mow down dozens or more people. Do you see where I'm going with this ? Do you like to drink beer? Why should you be allowed to..... you may kill people that I care about. Remember drinkers behind the wheel killed more people last year than criminals with guns. How do you process this ? How do you explain this ? Should we background check everyone who has more than 2 drinks and has a drivers license ? Is it not a license to kill ? Have you ever been to the scene of a bad car accident ? Have you been in one or have you caused one ? If you're texting and kill a mom and her 2 kids what does that make you? Let me ask you, Do you think we should  ban ALL devices that can be distracting ? Do you know how many poeple were KILLED last year because of TEXTING? look it up -you'll be shocked. So if we use the same anti-gun rights logic that some politicians and media people are applying to gunowners- IF we apply that same logic to texting, drinking, speeding, careless driving- based on kill numbers, what do you say about people still texting,still drinking and driving, still speeding and still running stop signs around the mall or through the school zone after they pick up their kids from school ? Stay with me now- especially you lecturing Liberals- Are these people careless, selfish, thoughtless, stupid...criminal ? You tell me.They all can kill you and your family statistically more frequently than a bad person with a gun. So WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE ? How do you process this ? What about your neighbor who is on her text every time you see her drive by- does she not care ABOUT THE CHILDREN ? Again, we're just using ANTI--GUN OWNERSHIP LOGIC HERE. Does your other neighbor who owns a car with 376 HP- what is he ? Why does he need that much power ? Does he not CARE ABOUT his fellow man? After all the speed limit is 65. What if he gets behind the wheel of that 2 ton rocket after 3 beers and starts texting ? He could very well kill your son on his way home from football practice. So, should the government take his car, his phone, his beer? Does he not care about your children and others? Do you know how many people were killed last year by prescrption drugs ? Look it up- it was TEN TIMES THE NUMBER of people killed by bullets (over 100,00 people). I know- it's horrible. So WHERE's the OUTRAGE ? Where's the news media ? The problem with so many ANTI-anything people, is that most of them dont do enough research on much of anything. They show concern and outrage when they are told to by the media.There were MORE THAN 3000 PEOPLE KILLED by drowning last year. ...One fifth were children under 14 plus there were 3 times more black children that drowned than white kids. How ? Why ? Where is the outrage, where is the media where were you ? Freedom and Free Will are part of the foundation of our country- STILL the greatest nation on earth. Don't let our government or anyone else use the horrible tragedy of Newton Connecticut to take away the constitutional rights of millions of law abiding Americans-among them loving parents, teachers and others. Pray for the first responders, cops, rescue, Firefighters and others that have to deal with the bad, evil or just stupid decisions that people make every day.


Stefan Swanson said...

This is the kind of blog that I call "empty rhetoric." I certainly hope you don't endorse the NRA view of gun regulation. We need common sense gun regulation, while respecting the right to bear arms. Ordinary citizens do NOT have the right to bear military grade weapons/automatic weapons. 'A well-REGULATED militia.'

Is it any wonder the United States has among the highest homicide rates in the western world?

Bob Wetten said...

As the assault weapon ban vote neared, Reagan — who as president had signed 1986 legislation loosening restrictions on guns — wrote a letter with former Presidents Ford and Carter to the House of Representatives urging them to vote in favor of the ban.
“We are writing to urge your support for a ban on the domestic manufacture of military-style assault weapons. This is a matter of vital importance to the public safety,” the letter said.
“While we recognize that assault weapon legislation will not stop all assault weapon crime, statistics prove that we can dry up the supply of these guns, making them less accessible to criminals. We urge you to listen to the American public and to the law enforcement community and support a ban on the further manufacture of these weapons,” the letter said concluding.

One of the hardest things for any bloveating idiot to do, is to actually look in the mirror.

Try it out once in a while Ken

Bobby Wetten
Hershey PA


Try and use the gift of paragraphs once in a while... It will do wonders for your credibility.