Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear Republicans in Congress,
                                               I left the Republican party in 2009. I wanted to leave in 2006 after I met some of you in DC at a meeting but I thought I'd give you another chance before the 2008 election. I've never seen so many people making the kind of money you make not doing their jobs. I expect this from the Democrats. I expect it from Liberals. But I will not tolerate from you....especially after the 2010 election. We the taxpayers are paying you good money to make sure things in DC don't turn to crap.Well, guess what ? You dropped the ball. You've allowed the left to serve up a crap sandwich to millions of people all over this country.You all are ok with your $175,000 a year gigs and bennies but the US Constitution is not ok.Why aren't you defending and protecting it ?? I still can't believe that Obama won in 2012. To me this is the biggest example of Republicans not doing their jobs. What were you thinking ? When are you going to wake up and stop moving to the left ? Do you think I'm the only guy that feels this way ? I have only 7 friends but we talk regularly and We talk loudly. We think most of you have jumped the shark. In fact saying jumped the shark hs jumped the shark ! You let Barack Obama get too far too fast. Why do only a few of you call Obama out for being the liar he is ? Why are only a handful of you following up on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal, The NSA wiretapping and of course OBAMACARE.  And what the hell are you doing with immigration and gun rights ? Do you want to want to bring this country to its knees ? How many anti-American thugs did you allow Obama to stack his administration with? Stop posing like most of you would do anything to protect the US Constitution....because with the exception of the Miltary Veterans in your ranks, It appears most of you just posture to get re-elected.  Many of you have been in DC too long. And many of you got rich while in DC.........that should not happen on a salary of 175,000 per year. I'm still confused how anyone can take 175k per year and be a multi multi millionaire after a couple terms. I guess you all know more about budgeting than most of us....except when it comes to our country's budget. Back to Obamacare....why haven't you shut it down yet ? And how long are you going to allow Barry Soetoro to lie to my face about everything from green energy to dead diplomats. You...The Republicans have lost control of our country and I think it's because most of you are afraid of losing your stuff. We all have stuff and we all like to make a good living but not at the expense of the US Constitution or on the backs of American taxpayers. Here's my advice, since you work for me: Find that small group of Repblicans among you that have the stones to take on Obamacare and Obamunism. And for goodness sake, clean house !Clean the house and the senate. Get rid of the posers.....and another thing- if you've been there 20 years or more and you allowed Obama to get REelected, you should retire...for the sake of my country. The fact that Anthony Weiner is even in the news proves you Republicans have not been doing  your job. How does an ass like weiner get so much play when there is so much going on in this country that needs your attention? I think you're afraid to speak out, to speak up and to take action that might hurt your political careers and that's why I'm no longer a registered Republican.  I saw it frst hand on many levels. You think you have the juice to ignore me and others that feel the same way as I do...and still keep your jobs. I don't think you can keep blowing off Americans on the major issues that concern us. Start by waking up, nutting up or sacking up......whatever you have to do to shut down Obamacare (start by defunding it)  trust me you'll be heros with the working men and women of this country. Read the Constitution again and carry it with you....millions of us do. Stop worrying about the names people call you. Stop listening to focus groups...and just focus on the American people. Some of you would be out of a job if you were in the private sector so be grateful for what you've made off of America so far. It must be intimidating especially for those of you who have overstayed your welcome. Now the country is really heading in the wrong direction and a lot of it has to do with what you let the Democrats get away with. And stop blaming the media. Get your butts on TV,online or Talk Radio or wherever you have to go to be seen and heard to stop the leftist garbage that is going on in and out of DC....unless it's just about your $175,000 a year taxpayed salary. Stop rewarding and showcasing moderates...they are more useless now than they've ever been.  And the few dozen of you that continue to make conservatives proud, keep up the great work and sacrifice. God Bless America and God Bless the US Military.

Conservative voter


Bob Wetten said...

Dear Lord, I had no idea just how delusional you actual are Ken.

I've listened to your new program the past couple of months on my drive home from work. And, I must say for someone who derides our President about his political acumen, I expected more of a cerebral Blog. Boy was I wrong.

Your above letter to congress is particularly telling, in that, you have a deep seeded inferiority. Not very many folks could put such pathetic dribble on their blog and actually not be ashamed of the child like content .

You are what I've come to understand as a failed Demigod with little to offer Politically, Spiritually or otherwise.

But, you do have to make a living. So, if you choose to earn it poking little men into frothy states. Well "God Bless You". I certainly thank you for the comedy.

Bobby Wetten

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OmgLoLw2gLuvUidkROFL said...

You speak a lot better than you write, my friend. Keep your day job, and leave the writing to me.

Still luv ya