Monday, February 11, 2008

Fergilicious 2008 Grammys for me

Fergie has a special place in my heart and head for several reasons. Well-besides my wife liking her boyfriend and being a Fergie fan, her friends dig Fergie to...and so do I. I dig a ton of music. Right now I'm blastin' Seether, Stones, and the car.....Kanye & One Republic at the gym...and of course...Fergie...wherever she wants ! Why the special place ? The BEP's show was the last show I emceed as the morning guy on B104. It was at the fair in August of 2006. Backstage my wife (who's been to about 5 concerts with me in the 20 years we've been together)and I got to meet the Peas, The Pussycats Dolls and more her tour bus.....after she had taken the time to meet all the contest winners from the station and take pictures with them. Fergie hangin' with my wife and me... YES is was cool. Yes I am a goober about it. of course we have fotos and there were funny moments before and after and during....BUT THE BEST PART- I thought was how nice Fergie was/is. Just a pleasant person. manners.

A close friend of ours ( A FERGIE FREAK and 8th grade teacher) was unable to attend-
So Fergie called her from her tour bus for us. Then we hung out for about 15 minutes and watched TV...and talked about Vegas, and cooking and family...and other interesting stufff. And that was that.

All the pictures from that night came out great. I'm glad they did. I had no idea at the time that it was my last event with B104....but it was a good one. The crowd at the fair was awesome. My wife and I caught most the show from mid-stands and spent a good part of the night talking to some of the fair workers......some of whom I knew as regulars form earlier years.

So last night when I saw Fergie perform with John Legend..which by the way kicked butt- I remembered how pleasant she was to just hang out with and what she was wearing.....I mean ah.... what nice manners she had. lol

ps- give her the candlesticks

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