Friday, February 29, 2008


Wow- I'm glad that writers' strike is over so I can get back to bloggin' again. Anyway...I was thinking back to some of the stuff I've heard people say over the years and some of my own words.
It's a grab bag of ridiculous and my BOOKLESS BOOK TOUR CONTINUES...

At 15 years old I wanted to be F.Lee Bailey...c'mon...I was 15

at 25... I said I would NEVER MARRY........and if I did, there would be NO CHILDREN

at 30 I said TO MY WIFE..."what if we try the Lehigh Valley for a couple years and then move to ____________"

age 35........"we're not buying a house- we don't even know how long we'll be here"

age 36......." this is a cool place to live- do you want to start a family, buy a house and stay here a while longer?"

age 36 and 2 months "this mortgage cost what ?! your crappin' me ! "

age 40 "these diapers cost what?! YOUR CRAPPIN' ME !

age 41 " we're not putting a bunch of papers and school stuff all over the
stainless refrigerator"

age 42 "your right- he needs a little brother or sister"

age 44 " StarWars legos cost WHAT !?? YOUR CRAPPIN' ME!"

age 45 " Great job.. go put it on the frigerator next to your brother's poster,
hand print, feather hat, paper plane, art project, and soccer picture."

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