Monday, March 17, 2008


Did you ever ask someone what kind of music they like and they answer that they like "all kinds"...and maybe you think..WHAT KIND OF ANSWER WAS THAT?...Well if they love's an accurate one....

Here are a few recent picks of mine that fall into the "what I like catagory"

Lenny Kravitz- It is Time For a Love Revolution ( I was just saying that to my wife the other night!) of Lenny's BEST !

Jordan Sparks....(I'll admit I checked out the CD because of the Chris Brown NO AIR duet- turns out the entire CD is stronger than I thought....

Buckcherry-15 (what an awesome set of work-out nuggets !- I'm now benching 60 pounds !)

Michael Buble-Call Me Irresponsible- ( If you don't feel the big fun/style/romance vibe that says-"shower, shave and do something already !", then it's time to get your hearing checked)

Janet Jackson's latest isn't too shabby either but she has raised the bar pretty high in the past

Ken Matthews does not use an i-pod while operating a motor vehicle

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