Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Barack Obama

It's hard to find people to discuss Barack Obama rationally. People either are off the charts with hate or off the charts with a Jesus- like worship. I did not vote for Barack Obama. President Obama is a very effective communicator, knows how to wear a suit,and appears to be a solid family guy. He's changed politics and campaign marketing as we know it. I've read his two books-most Americans have not(see sales numbers). I've reviewed his voting record from Illinois and DC and read almost all of his speeches. His campaign was as close to flawlessly executed as one can get- just ask the McCain campaign. Obama is a fundraising machine: $785 million plus and counting....

That doesn't change the fact that I hate communism, socialism and everything these "isms" stand for and have done to the world. I believe government is too big. Government should not be the biggest employer- then the employees can just VOTE for the boss so they can keep their benefits.

We need term limits. 12 years for the Senate, 6 years for Congress. I also believe that when government sticks it's nose into the free market, it gunks it up, and then politicians give us sound- bites like " if we don't act now, everything will implode",and " we need more regulation." It never occurs to anyone to check who was regulating what and when.

I think President Obama was wrong when he decided for the first time, against holding a public ceremony for the National Day of Prayer.

Why do we need a Hate Crimes Bill?
I HATE CRIME. I especially hate violent crime of any kind toward any person.

I believe political correctness is strangling our political process, and what remains of dialogue. Too many people are checking the wind, the opinions of others and their checkbook before they speak honestly on anything. It's tragic. It makes many of our elected officials appear like empty puppets .

It's possible to be passionate without being rude. You can be engaged without being offensive. If one's actions and record are clear, there should be no doubt as to where they stand; Sadly that's easier said than done in politics.

I think too few people read history. Too few people care about anyone's else's history let alone their own or their country's.

Read the:

Constitution of the United States
The Declaration of Independence
The Mayflower Compact

It's a start to understanding why I am not a fan of Barack Obama's politics


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