Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are you afraid of Sarah Palin ?

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I realize there are people who get their news from John Stewart and actually believe they're not only smarter but hipper because of it. Some of those same people think that Tina Fey's Sarah Palin was by far the greatest SNL sketch ever. Are these some of the same people that hate Sarah Palin? If it's not hate is it fear ? What could cause such fear and concern across our great nation regarding this woman?

Is it that She's a wife, a successful working mother of 5, a grandmother that loves God ?

Perhaps it's the fact that she's attractive, assertive, seems to be happy, and a very politically active conservative ?

Could it be that she's a hunter, an outdoorsman , a snow machine enthusiast and a soon to be former governor of Alaska?

What about her husband Todd?-he seems like a decent guy, a good dad, flys a plane, chops wood, builds stuff, supports his wife and looks like he's in good enough shape that if the car broke down or the power went out he's got it covered.

Maybe it's the fact that she's got a bigger set of cojones then most liberal guys and some so-called conservative ones too.

You betcha


LVCI said...

Could it be she lacks experience at any federal level? Got to network in Washington for a while to establish connections. We don't like so called Washington insiders, but fact is you have to establish some sort of personal repertoire with people who can make things happen.

Could it be she doesn't deal well with adversaries. Obama's getting a good bashing, he's not out debating his detractors each and everyday. If you think he isn't getting a bashing check your email, visit various internet blogs and websites. Not to even mention Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. That's were the 'slick factor' comes into play. When you reach the 2nd most powerful position in America you got to make yourself look impenetrable. People can't get to you & push your buttons. Yeah Obama is slick. So was Clinton, Reagan, etc... These positions require you look emotionally impenetrable no matter how the world gets under your skin.

Could it be she was only in Governor's office for 2 1/2 years & quit! You don't quit being VP when your playing in the big pond. Some world leaders currently are taking aim in far more serious world threatening ways then just a media clip or blogger? You got to be able to take the heat! Campaigning is 'trial by fire'. It shows the kind of mettle a candidate has.

All the things you mention are fine qualities that make Sarah special, but "qualities" is not the same as "qualifications". You simply can't compare Sarah's experience nor stamina to other women that the GOP could have encouraged to run. Condoleezza Rice, Elizabeth Dole, etc.

Time to move on. A good place one could start could be found here... NFRW
Republican women-
Senate 4
House 17
Governor 4
Lieutenant Governor 2
Secretary of State 3
State Treasurer 2
State Comptrollers 2R
State Auditors 3
Chief State Education Officials 1
Commissioner of Insurance 1
Commissioner of Labor 1
Corporation Commissioner 2
Railroad Commissioner 1
State legislative women

There are so many more on that site.

So you see Sarah ain't the one and only do-all woman in the world. If this ain't working "fer' ya'"... time to move on. Campaigning's over!

Ken Matthews said...

I appreciate your post and you bring up some good points.My question would be- Who's keeping these other women off the ballet ?

Ron Shegda said...

Ken, LVCI proves the point of our favorite hockey Mom lacing up for thin ice.

LVCI suggests Condy, whose fantasy job is NFL Commish, and Liz Dole, who lost her last election.

Ken, why not post my article on Sarah. RonS

nate said...

Hey Ken.
I understand you wrote this article some time ago but i was recently talking to my mother and the conversation jogged my memory. Just to give you a little exposition: I'm a college senior home on spring break.I listened to you often when I was growing up. (LHS 2005)
But what made me think of this "Are you afraid of Sarah Palin" post was spotting grammatical errors in a published text. I was reading an article about the Daily Shows interview with Marc Thiessen. (It's on the news week blog FYI) But It was had two errors that I found to invalidate what the author had intended on saying. Or it took away from the focal point. Or something like that. Anyway, I remembered your article. I never knew you had a blog until I passed your billboard multiple times over the summer as I commuted from the Lehigh Valley to Philadelphia. So I checked your blog out and read the Sarah Palin article. And in, like, the first sentence or something you brought up Jon Stewart. Only you spelled his name with an H. As in "John"
And it's like you're trying to discredit or try and make him less hip or smart but you spell the guys name wrong. It just made it seem (to me) that you don't even watch Jon Stewart enough to know what he has to say. And I'm not trying to attack you or undermine you or something nasty. But it just struck me and I haven't been able to shake the name spelling for six months or however long its been. I'm an avid Daily Show viewer and I don't want to hide that. And I don't really agree with what Jon Stewart says a lot of the time. But it's hard to discredit the work that is so clearly evident in each of his episodes. It seems to me that a lot of people are jealous of Jon Stewart. And I get that. Who wouldn't be? Because he is just so hip isn't he?