Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will Americans let Obama label them ?

Whoever controls the narrative wins. It's that simple. Barack Obama controlled the media narrative for the better part of two years and for that he is president. That narrative was based on two books that he himself wrote and no one really questioned until now.
Now that million of Americans are having doubts with not only the current administration's policies but the president's agenda and credibility on key issues, the administration must change the narrative. The narrative or storyline is what many Americans will believe about a variety of people ,topics or issues- without researching or confirming facts or conflicting evidence.

For example one of the challenges now facing TeamObama is to portray the Tea Party protesters as violent and racist. Why ?

Because the Tea Party message is resonating with far too many Americans and this is a concern for the administration as it slides further to the left .

If Obama can position the Tea Partiers as crazy angry nuts, then the NEW NARRATIVE of the Tea Parties of smaller government, less taxes and state's rights would gain even more popularity.

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