Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barack Obama's Backyard Canard

He's back ! ..and he's bigger than ever ? Not really. President Obama is taking his low approval ratings on the road as he starts his 2012 presidential campaign. He's taking some time off from the golf course to visit backyard BBQs and talk with the "folks".
Yes he can -because you're paying for it.
It's the YAWN ON THE LAWN. Over the next 5 weeks we'll find out if America's most likable liar is still the worlds most lovable leftist. Probably not. Here's why: The Obamacare con has been exposed . Backyard photo ops will not change the fact that premiums are going up and up and up and will climb higher than ever before for most people, you will not be able to keep your own insurance and doctors are already dropping medicare. One by that more Americans and the Democrats have actually read the LAW, the scam of those 2700 plus pages is being exposed. Why is there a 3.8 % real estate tax in there and why are college loans taken over by the government ? Why do I want my 26 year old on my insurance again ? Because Obama says he's a child ? The Obama administration knew that Obamacare would actually RAISE COSTS according to the congressional budget office yet they continued to lie to shove it down our throats. Americans can read.
But enough about THAT government takeover. How's the economy Mr. President ?...would you like another hot dog, can I get you a soda ? So glad you came by our backyard to use us as a prop for your campaign. We remember when you did that with doctors and nurses .

Now that Obama has been to church FIVE times this year, he's talking about Jesus a lot. So just to be clear , The President is in our back yard, with the biggest deficit in history, 10% plus unemployement rates in major cities and states across the country, highest home foreclosure rates since 1963, two wars, a failed economic plan,the U.S. government is now the country's largest employer, and he's still blaming Bush AND.....

yesterday he asked Americans to stick with him because more change is comin'. And now he's talking about his relationship with Jesus - BUT Obama was the first president since Truman to NOT recognize the National Day of Prayer at The White House.

No You Can't

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