Thursday, August 19, 2010

OBAMA's actions Speak Louder than his words ...and that's his problem.

That's been Obama's problem since day one. He says one thing, writes something else in his books, voted another way, then shows up at Martha's Vinyard in time to walk back a statement he made about something he said he wrote.
Ever since Barack was a young whatever whenever "back in the day" -
the American people have no dates, no times, no passport, no college transcripts, no yearbooks and the only written record of Barack Hussain Obama are two books he wrote and a bunch of speeches his speechwriter's wrote. These speeches by the way sound a lot like the speeches that were written for his friend Deval Patrick (Gov of Mass.) You read them and decide;
Just because the same people wrote them and they might sound the same-
anyway ever since back in the day show me 3 facts in a row that line up about Barack Obama. And now we're expected to believe this man is forthcoming about who he is religiously ?

Let's go purely on President Obama's actions on the "Muslim" thing and see why 18% of the American people believe he is a Muslim. Could it be because his father was a Muslim from Kenya and his mom from Kansas did not practice a religion? Could it be his knowledge of the Quora'n and his ability to recite phrases from it ? Or is it the fact he said "IF YOU TOOK THE NUMBER OF MUSLIM AMERICANS, AMERICA WOULD BE ONE OF THE LARGEST MUSLIM NATIONS IN THE WORLD.
43 % of Americans say they don't know his religion. Could this be that although he says he prays everyday, he was the first president since Truman not to have a White House National Day of Prayer event yet the prayer mats were out just last month?

According to Pew research, 43 % of blacks and 46 % of Democrats say he is a Christian
18% of Independents say he's a Muslim. Overall 34% of Americans think our President is a Christian.
48% of Americans say that Obama relies on his religion the right amount when he uses it. Remember Obama says he prays every day. Bush said the same. 53% said this about Bush in 2004 according to Pew research.

52% of Americans say churches should stay away form politics.

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ? Considering the garbage that is dumped on Christians worldwide and in America on a regular basis for wanting to do things like manger displays ,saying Christmas, posting the Ten Commandments and the more radical Christians who think that killing a baby is killing a baby, Do you think the radical version of a religion like Islam being linked to the leader of the free world might be a problem ? I do.
Besides the fact that our armed forces are fighting terrorist cells comprised of Radical Muslims , the lack of clarity on this issue with President Barack Hussain Obama is not good for our country. The Pew report goes onto say that Muslims in the United Stated comprise only .1 % of our population. But mosque construction is at an all time high in America.
Our President should stop Apologizing for America. And start asking questions of a religion that tortures women ,blows up schools/ malls and cuts off people's part of a strategy. THAT is Radical Muslim.

President Obama needs to get his priorities straight. I don't care who he prays to or where he went to school to study Muslim . He's not the president of the world or a mosque.

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