Friday, November 4, 2011

NEWSMEDIA on the Herman Cain Case

Well, by now you've probably heard about the Herman Cain sexual Harassment scandal. No details yet. But wow- what a scandal. NOW it's up to three women. No one knows what was done or said. But it was well- no one really wants to discuss it. Talk about a GREAT HEADLINE THOUGH-especially if you're running against Cain. By the way Did you hear that Barack Obama was accused of smoking crack while having extramarital sex in a limo- while he was a State Senator. You didn't ? How did you miss that. Michelle Obama was livid . There was a press conference held at the National Press Club by the accuser and it was front page news in The Globe (tabloid-March 2009) both in print and online- nevermind back to Herman Cain and the Headline- what was it again ? I'm sure the NEWSmedia will question every candidate and investigate ALL allegations . After all, we're talking about the leader of the free world here.

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