Monday, January 23, 2012


yes we can yes we can. yes we can WHAT ? you can what ? Can the people that voted for Barack H. Obama see what is going on in America OR are they still drunk on ObamaLove. How hard will Barack Obama try to avoid HIS RECORD tomorrow night in his 2012 State of the Union Address? 1/2 of America has been paying attention. For the other half here are some things you will not hear Tuesday night during Obamafest media coverage:
When Barack Obama was elected the unemployment rate was 6.8 %
Today it's 8.5 %
(if the same number of people were looking for work today as in 2007, OBAMA's actual unemployment rate would be 11%)
When Barack Obama was sworn in as President in January 2009 gas was 1.68 per gallon.
Today gas is 3.38 per gallon
1 in 7 Americans are on Food Stamps. 14 Million more than when Barack Obama took office
48% of all Americans are considered low-income or poverty level. 4 million MORE than when Obama took office.
20% of males 25-34 live with their parents. (yikes-who did THEY vote for ?)
America's annual budget is now 3.8 TRILLION dollars. America brings in 2.1 Trillion in revenue. (Obama's math transcripts are not available )
The national debt is OVER 15 TRILLION dollars. When Obama took office it was 10.2 Trillion.
The national debt is rising 175 MILLION DOLLARS per hour.
Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder is being investigated for FAST & FURIOUS(walking guns over the border into the bad guys' hands-then implying those guns were from American gun owners)-oh you haven't heard about this ?
OBAMACARE proves OBAMA doesn't care- about the Truth. Millions of Americans are now realizing that the costs of Obamacare far exceed the happy talk that Obama fed the media. Despite the fact that most Americans didn't want Obamacare, Obama dictated that it shall be done anyway.(by the way, Obama will decide what doctor you'll use)
Green jobs . Where are they ? The Billions of taxpayer dollars to support the Green Jobs. Where are they?
Solyndra. are you serious ? (thanks for donating to OBAMA2008)
Who's idea was the Chevy Volt ? And why is the US Government buying so many ?
How many more years will the American people let Barack Obama play president ?

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