Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bill Clinton makes history AGAIN at DNC Charlotte 2012

Another night of firsts for the Dems at the Democratic National Convention. For the first time EVER a president that has been both impeached and disbarred will put a sitting president's name in for nomination. Clinton was also the first sitting president to ever be acused of rape as well. So it's a BIG NIGHT for the BIG DOG when he puts Obama's name in for 4 more years ! For years Bill Clinton has been loved and adored as a Democrat super star.

Is your leg tingling yet ?


Stefan Swanson said...

Oh the hypocrisy. All those Republican politicians who have been involved in sex scandals....and yet you fail to ever mention them. And accused of rape is NOT the same as actually being convicted of rape last time I checked.

Secondly, please name ONE thing in Bill Clinton's speech that was NOT true. Just one!

Ken, you're just an ideologue with absolutely no credibility. It's about time someone called you out.

Stefan Swanson said...

I thought Bill Clinton gave a great speech. He nailed the nail right on the head. I could not find a single lie in there.

Of course, people like you, Ken, love to politicize absolutely everything that goes contrary to your rigid ideology.

Stefan Swanson said...

And I find it hilarious that this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with the content of Clinton's speech. Why? Perhaps because you can't find anything to criticize. But then again, an ideologue like you will find a way. Who knows.