Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PORKCHOP -The Other White Lie

From this day forward every time I eat porkchops I will think of what might be one of the greatest marketing disasters of all-time.. .....FERRUS the IRON PIG. (I can't even spell it...and that offends ME)

I'm not getting it!I don't understand chemistry..and I never worked at Bethlehem Steel. How could this happen? PORK CHOP THE IRON PIG or PORKCHOP THE PIG....clever cute, makes sense...I guess....I mean...pork...pig...chop....IRON PIGS...Baseball...AMERICAS PASTIME...
I'm trying to put it all together somehow...connecting the dots...I remember PORKY, Batty the pig...no..How 'bout ...Batty the Public Relations person.....nevermind. Don't get me wrong, The Pigs are getting PUBLICITY NOW....but is it the kind they want? Quite frankly I'm offended buy the word PIG....and if you remember back in the 60's and 70's COPS(police officers) were wrongly called pigs...where is the outrage there? HOW FAR SHOULD WE TAKE THIS?

Somebody call Pillsbury and get rid of that offensive little Dough-boy....I'm not as skinny as I used to be !

So when are we gonna get the real story.
Is COKE involved.....and if they are......will COKE now only be sold at places that refuse to sell



reptimania said...

i've eatin pork chops with many latinos and never once heard that it used to be offensive.. and did anyone read the part that the latino that commented said his dead father would have been offended but people today don't even know what it means??? so if that's the case why did they feel the need to change it?? or was this another way for the jesse jackson's/ al sharptons of the world to grab a headline again?? oh well.. i do like ferris buehler's day off so i guess the new name will catch on... but sheesh.. we really do have to tip toe on eggshells these days.. such a shame when there is so much more relavant stuff we should be worried about other than a pig named porkchop.

listener9 said...


I am shocked....

First of all his name is Ferrous now (unless mcall got it wrong).

Secondly, it was a lame and savage name. I don't feel like telling my girls why we are eating "pork chop" one night. Some day I will have that talk but I prefer them to be a bit older.

And apparently it was offensive to the area latinos, not sure who, but none-the-less they are out there.


listener9 said...

oops. you knew it was ferrus

vanillajedi said...

We all know that PIG stands for Pride, Integrity and Gutts! So that moniker was correct. I still don't understand this whole porkchop thing. I was once offended by a roast pork on rye sandwich... Oh wait, I was once offensive after eating a roast pork on rye sandwich.... :)

ResidentsWhoCare said...

Great, name a team after an industry/business that died here like 30 years ago. Typical Lehigh Valley. Then bow to the slightest pressure over a name...geez!

Well guess what; I am offended by Bat BOY and I want that name changed, immediately!

listener9 said...

vanillajedi.....ewwwwww :)