Saturday, December 15, 2007


My wife and I have been parents for just over 6 years but any parent knows that's enough to feel that joy of having little ones that can't be put into words. I never thought I would enjoy watching the movie CARS more than 50 times or SPONGEBOB CHRISTMAS even more, and of course THE POLAR EXPRESS- There is a 21st century vibe about this movie, a beautiful message with has it all. We've watched it as a family. I've watched it by myself...just with my oldest or with both's become a holiday staple. The other night we all piled onto Mommy and Daddy's bed with a giant bowl of popcorn and the boy's favorite candy and watched RUDOLPH-the original-my wife's favorite...and I have to admit, still cool to me (so is Gumby). The entire experience rocked.

I think I've set the stage-I hope. here's the thing. We recently took the boys, 3 and 6 to the Mall to see Santa. I won't mention the Mall....because I don't want to pick on Santa at Christmas-because somebody "hired" him. Santa, here's the deal. My 6 year old said you don't sound like Santa, the 3 year old wondered why you never said Ho Ho Ho, and I was wondering why you just sat there on your large body with your GREY BEARD-instead of white beard and did not interact with two of your BIGGEST fans?

SANTA, your Santa, please whiten the beard( see POLAR EXPRESS) learn how to Ho Ho Ho-(see RUDOLPH)drop the" how yall doin?"..and just generally be excited that we showed up and that people still believe and that you've got a gig. Smile, talk about Ruldoph and the gang...whatever. IT'S MORE THAN JUST A PICTURE WITH SANTA OR THE FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD- THESE KIDS ARE MEETING YOU...SOME OF THEM FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME.

To the Mall managers, I think people would be less forgiving with your Christmas decorations going up in August/September if you went overboard on the SANTA budget.
It's once a year-isn't there a Santa union or something?



djgrrrl said...

Hah! What a bummer, maybe Santa should sip some special egg nog so he's a little more "jolly" at the mall!!!!


vanillajedi said...

I don't know what mall you went to, but when we took our son to see Santa at the Lehigh Valley Mall he was terrific! Friendly, warm and outgoing. My son was clearly afraid of the Santa we went to see in Scranton, I'll send you a picture, but while he didn't want to sit on his lap he was clearly more accepting of this Jolly fellow, who was willing to crouch down to my son's level to talk to him personally... He also mentioned that he packed heat when he was on his sleigh to protect himself from the wackjobs! No kidding about that last part... I wonder if he's got a permit...