Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry about the bedsheets.... I needed a headline ....This Miley Cyrus VANITY controversy is great ......

for conversation...
and for deep discussion on Branding and marketing....that's part of what I do.
I've often wondered How this Billion dollar Disney Brand Machine-Hannah Montana can juggle the demands of the multi million dollar brand machine Miley Cyrus......

Remember what it was like to be 15. Do you have a 15 year old ? Do you know one? Are you one? Know any worth a Billion $? Sorry too much pressure.

....ya know- now would be the time to introduce some kind of bedding or satin something....
...nevermind...she's only 15....

Isn't Billy Ray on the FAMILY CHANNEL ?

It could be a lot worse- she could be on the cover of Vanity Fair NAKED & PREGNANT....LIKE
DEMI MOORE OR Jamie-Lynn Spears !

"...what we have a failure to communicate"

BRAND 1 Hannah Montana

BRAND 2 Miley Cyrus

BRAND FRACTURE.....the illusion of nudity...*on Miley-photo shop makes it Hannah

unknown factor 15 year old hormones

KNOWN FACTOR the media needs something(someone to feed on)

It will be interesting to read the chapter on this in Ms. Cyrus' upcoming autobiography.

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