Tuesday, June 10, 2008


If you're near Center Valley, don't miss Upper Saucon Family Fun Days...right up the road from DeSales across from the Library. It's this Saturday from 11a-3p.....weather looks good, Sunny & 80. Last year I took the wife and kids, this year I'll be there with Upper Saucon Fire Department-I can show you where the halligan is on Engine 2713. We'll have most of our apparatus( or is it apparati?) there for all the kids (big & little) to check out. Lots of Big honkin' cool firefighting eqipment. And while your there, meet some of the dedicated men and women of our Fire Department.

It was a year ago I had my first encounter with USFD...and then....after conversations with the chief and his wife (an EMT) and of course an extensive tour of all the stuff...while my wife looked on ,I took home an application to review. AND BAM ! Before I knew it I was in Fire School. " a volunteer firefighter, you know..I've always wanted to do that....." and the rest is marriage history....My wife has been very understanding... although she is still in shock in a funny sort of way.

So watch out around the Fire Department Family day exhibit, because...BAM -you might end up being their newest or oldest probie.

Here's some more info on the eats and activities of the rest of Fun day......


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