Monday, June 9, 2008


Beware...the service is great , the meat is like it's supposed to be.....and if you get one of those fancy'll want to be there for hours...or at least for another decaf cap. The Shula's staff even calls you the next day to make sure everything went well.

For my mom & dad's 41st wedding anniversary my wife and I took them to Shula's Steak house in the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley. What a great evening...I even doggie bagged the bread(I have no shame). Hey, I left with everything I didn't eat on sight. The a la carte veggies
melt in your mouth...and they did the next day for my lunch. I was able to kill the 20 .oz Kansas City Steak that was forklifted onto my pallet....however the double baked potato and the apple cobbler....lasted for another meal. BIG helpings, cooked right, great're gonna pay...
but imagine...actually getting what your paying for..from start to finish and the experience to top it off

I grew up in Florida during Coach Shula's perfect it was extra-cool to take the parents there.

*NOTE: no sports cliches were used in the writing of this post.

....although I know the coach would be proud of his Shula's team last Friday night.

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Master McBean said...

Good Food Indeed..I am member of the Ken Matthews and 48 oz Shula Clubs ..We need you back on the Radio Ken