Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just got back from Starters Riverport.....where Musikfest held it's Star of Bethlehem semi finals . I thought I'd check it out. Although,I'm not involved with the show this year, I was the emcee for 2005,2006...and an audience member in 2007 and a handfull of people still keep in touch with me. There certainly are some very talented people in the Lehigh Valley. The judges picked 8 of 18...I think one contestant didn't show-.......kinda of crazy there with 64 sports screens....anyway....

Remember it takes a buttload of courage for every contestant to sing with no back up vocals or music...AT STARTERS !

....I didn't pick 8.....I went with less

Here's my 5

Nancy Coletti...she ripped a silky smooth but rhythmic version of Rt 66 * good stage presence

Alizabeth Pimentel...what a voice ! she sang Dream

Alejandra Valeria Santos( Ali) ...a sultry version of Summertime- I'm partial to Gershwin
but she nailed it * more good stage presence and

Erin Kelly-great Rightous Brothers..big voice out of a small body and on key

Alfin F. Nadjib- His version of Let's stay together smoked and Alfin proves Looks can be
deceiving- I've never heard an Asian looking man sing that before
AND he made it work...nor have I ever seen an Asian man named Alfin Nadjib
*good stage presence & cool hat

here are who the official judges picked: THE ACTUAL RESULTS

Nancy Coletti
Elena Zervos
Cory Stelzman
Salvatore Ritz
Emanuel Zervos
Alizabeth Pimentel
Erin Kelly
Alfin Nadjib

Best of Luck

See you 'round the Platz

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