Saturday, November 1, 2008


For the past couple OF YEARS...I've been lucky enough to experience the joy(s) of launching my own business and being at home when I was never home when my wife is working, I get to put my oldest on the bus and many afternoons greet him when he returns home. Last week was one of many special moments when he sprinted off the bus, ran inside, dropped his 87 pound backpack(he's only in first grade-that's why it's so light), and exclaimed "Dad, you're not gonna believe what happened today at lunch!"....I'm cake & ice cream...
"what?" I exclaimed back-even more excited. "I was invited to sit at the peanut -free table...invited- and you have to be can't just walk over there with your food!"....he said. "HOLY SCHMOLEY" I said..."that's amazing..."how did it happen?"
"well" he continued, "first ******* asked me over then *******, she's a teacher and lunchroom lady, searched me and my lunch for peanuts ...then I took my lunch over and ate with the peanut free kids- IT WAS SO COOL....and I'm gonna do it again !"
"Dood" I said" You are so cool". "What happens if ****** or the other kids have peanuts?" I asked.
"they get really sick" he said so we have to be extra careful with our food around them"

yes times have changed...and in many cases it's for the better.

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