Monday, December 15, 2008

ONLY in America....really...think about it.....

OK...Your house is filled with swastikas and you've named your son Adolf Hitler Campbell (one of his sisters is named Joycelynn Aryan Nation Campbell) and you're upset that the local Shoprite won't write Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler on the 3-year old's Birthday Cake. No this is not a SNL skit. It's for real !

Stand By for lawsuits ! Somebody wants attention.

This "case" is good for at least a solid year's worth of lesson plans if you teach Law, Media, Ethics, History.....and we could go on....Parenting, Civics, Sociology.

Legal: Did Shoprite make a reasonable attempt to provide the same service it provides to others to the Campbells ? I think yes. Actually they could of even written Happy Birthday Adolf-

as there are 365 unique Adolf first names in PA and 302 in NJ ( Texas is #1 with more than 1000)

but I believe the Hitler part was over the line. Yes I'm for free speech but I don't think people should be allowed to yell FIRE in a crowded theatre or say that they have a bomb in school.....and I believe considering Adolf Hitler's (the Nazi who invaded Europe and killed millions-that one)
history...there's been plenty written about the guy.....the full name falls in that catagory of provoking trouble.

example: Happy Birthday Ted vs. Happy Birthday Ted Bundy (look it up)

Please take the time to read the entire article and carefully review the father's responses to how and why he named his children the way he did and the fact that he went to WAL MART and they had no problem with it- well GOD BLESS AMERICA. This story will also make national news within 48 hours. for several reasons....because...most media sits on it's tail and waits for stuff to come to them....and
when you think about it....this is an interesting story on many levels.

Pay attention to how people discuss this and where the emphasis falls....

There are many issues here ...beyond...the sharks(lawyers) planning their moves

Will it become comic fodder or parental horror? A swastika in every room of the house ?
The father claims it is a sign of peace ? Anything to do with the swastika has been horribly perverted since the Nazi party of the 1930's. And the debate will rage on...

But remember one thing.....if this was would of never heard of this story.....the guy would of just vanished one day, the same in the USSR, China and hundreds of other places around the globe.

And one more thing.

If you're one of those morons who keeps calling President George W. Bush Hitler, and saying the United States is a fascist government, for goodness sake please read some books, read some history. Turn off Comedy Central & Oberman long enough to read something besides a blog...ok read a couple blogs.

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