Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today was school store day.. at least that's what my wife told my oldest son and me. So we got up early and I drove my 7 year-old to school. He has been saving his allowance to make some hefty school store purchases. Like some Smencils-those PENCILS that smell can decide what they smell like. he says they're all the rage. In former girl-friend(they're still friends-but no longer an item) gave him a smencil but like his dad, he has to buy several of everything(no reason). You never know when you might need an extra smencil...or if the aroma runs low during a test or something. So we arrived early ...because...he also wanted some retro erasers and some funky folder that WAS ONLY A DOLLAR-can you even imagine ! ? Holy savings ! Bat Boy ! So there we son and a bunch of kids dropped off in the cafeteria.....and me. I'm they're really cuttin' it close..I mean they don't even have the tables set up with all the cool school supply items and smencils and the store opens in 11 seconds. And where are the PTA parents that sell all that cool stuff anyway? So about 10 more minutes go by. my son is really excited. He's taken out his money and refolded it several times. He also has a pocket full of quarters to avoid change making delays. There's only one other parent there with her son in the cafeteria full of kids waiting for I ask her, when do they open the school store for the first graders ? "NEXT THURSDAY AT 8:30" she says. "These kids are waiting to start class"

Well it's a good thing Mr GOOBER and his son were there a week early to get in line for the smencils.

I called Mrs. GOOBER on the way home to re-confirm the wrong date.


Michelle said...

Hi Ken,

Love your story lol.
If you are into jazzy stuff for your kids check out our website
we work with schools and they sell our cool items to raise money for the school instead of unhealthy chocolate bars. Smencils as well as other items will be up on our website soon as a part of the new items for our spring program!



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