Monday, November 5, 2007

It's the N-Word Dawg

a friend just e-mailed me about my DOG post and explained that I needed to elaborate. My bad....It's my first Dog post and I presumed more people followed bounty hunting. Duane Chapman aka "Dog" the Bounty Hunter on A & E recently was in a heated discussion with his son about his(son's) black girlfriend. The National Enquirer somehow got the tape of the phone conversation and posted it on their website. Dog uses the N-word A LOT...While explaining that if she were to hear him or other family members using the N-word it would destroy what he(they) have worked for. Dog has a problem with the girl character & (race?) apparently is concerned that the way the family talks might cause controversy if the wrong people heard it. Apparently Bounty hunter shop talk includes the N-word, so the Dog encourages his son not to bring his girlfriend around. I've never heard the N-word on the show before from I guess like MOST "reality" shows...there must be a TON of editing(does that give people time to escape?). Anyway, A & E has suspended the show(for now) Dog has apologized, Al Sharpton is on the scene(of course). So where do we go from here? Sadly that was probably one of the most real things(from) on the show.....yet it was hurtful & disappointing.

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Francisco said...

i assume the N-word is ninja... =P