Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I usually wait until I publically mention something like a pothole. I understand people get busy and let's face it, there are a lot more important things in our world than potholes...but this is a blog....and have you seen a network newscast lately? OK THEN. The last time I mentioned a pothole it was one at the entrance to a local Tire Dealership's parking lot...I mentioned that on my former radio show....I thought it was funny...a big pothole...at the entrance of a place that sells TIRES....
it was there for a while....this was several years ago......It was eventually fixed after management was called(mine & theirs) and excuses were made as always......I actually put the manager on the air at the time(WHAT A GREAT FREE COMMERCIAL..THAT WAS).....the right play would of been..to say THANKS FOR POINTING THAT OUT, WE'VE BEEN SO BUSY HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS, WE MISSED THAT....WE'LL FIX IT TODAY. INSTEAD I GOT THE USUAL....Do you know how hard we work, how much we care? I never questioned anyone's hard work or caring...I JUST LIKED THE FUNNY IN THE POTHOLE.
I was a big meanie for pickin' on the hard working tire company etc. THERE'S A BIG POTHOLE AT THE ENTRANCE OF YOUR TIRE REPAIR DEALERSHIP.JUST FIX IT. I still find it funny.

The POTHOLE(s) at the Center Valley POST OFFICE is not that absurd...because they don't repair tires. BUT, THE LOCATION is priceless. It's exactly in the pathway of anyone attempting to mail a letter in the outside drive-by MAILBOXES. I mean you could not have placed those(and there are now two....and they are getting bigger by the week) any better.This is the Post office on 378 North and Preston across from the Copperhead Grill. It's funny to watch people try to "thread the needle" and try not to hit the pothole AND get close enough to mail their letters BUT not rip off their mirror.......(it's the little things). I like that Post office. They know me there. My P.O. Box is there. I live in Center Valley.

I did mention the pothole to the Postal worker...nicely.......I was informed others had also mentioned it....

I have a new plan

I'm gonna write a letter....of course I would mail it from CENTER VALLEY...at the drive- thru Mailbox...I would walk thru to avoid the POTHOLES.


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