Wednesday, November 14, 2007


WOW! For more than 21 of my 26 years on the radio I got up before 4 am and went to bed usually before 8pm. Needless to say I missed a lot of TV. I kept up with a ton of TV with my VCR. I would tape & watch hot stuff in sequence so I was informed & topical. It was not unusual for me to tape the premiers of shows then watch them at 3am in my office before I went on the air. Now, as a normal(off-air) TV-watching American, I have to report: THE QUALITY OF TELEVISION IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH ! Holy Schnikees! I'm now addicted to about 8 different shows! Finally FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS(NBC) is on Fridays where it should be...that could be one of the greatest shows ever! The music-the cast-the grit-the memories-yes I am a sap.....and don't we all want to rewrite a little part of high school? CRIMINAL MINDS(CBS)...Graphically frightening but darn outstanding.....THE UNIT(CBS).....doood....if you don't support the troops after you watch this YOU'RE A WUSS(read the book it's TRUE stuff!). CSI(CBS).....always fun eye-candy! WITHOUT A TRACE(CBS) & COLD CASE(CBS)......oh my Gawd! COLD CASE is "cry-worthy."....That new show LIFE(NBC) about the cop who was sent to prison -got out-sued-got a gillion bucks-rejoins the force to find who framed him?!!...IT's HUGE!......sometimes I even watch DANCING WITH THE STARS...There I said it!

DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CABLE.......TLC, A&E,FX FOX, DISCOVERY, USA........YOU GET THE PICTURE ! 24, Rescue Me, The Shield.......... not even back yet !

QVC...wait a minute!...scratch that one !

It's a good thing I have a 3 & 6 year old and a wife or I would be THEE 21ST CENTURY COUCH BOY.

The next time someone says to you...there's nothing good on TV.......TELL THEM TO PLUG IT IN AND TURN IT ON FIRST !

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