Sunday, January 20, 2008

KEN MATTHEWS pulls out of 2008 presidential race

DAVE MATTHEWS and CHRIS MATTHEWS...both have more name recognition than Ken Matthews right now...especially in the primary states. That, along with the fact that Matthews(Ken) is in the middle of his Bookless Book Tour is among the reasons he cited for setting his sights on a future race. "This past year has been a crazy yet rewarding one"

"I promised my wife I would clean the basement, and do some other things around the house. Plus my oldest starts T-ball, and his 3rd year of soccer, and our youngest just started swimming. Regarding the presidency, I'd like to get some more experience under my belt and 47 million dollars- for campaign stuff. Timing is everything."

Matthews said he will continue with his professional speaking career and a variety of other community projects that will not interfere with him making pancakes for his wife and kids- including Chairing the 2008 BOWL FOR KIDS SAKE March 2, at Jordon Lanes Allentown.


Jack said...

Ken I am very sorry you pulled out of the presidential race. I think I would have voted for you.

Ken Matthews said...

Thanks Jack,

But I realized 2008 is not

THE year. By the way , are you still with CTU ?