Monday, January 14, 2008


What does STOP mean to you ?Does it depend what you're doing? Does it depend who says it? Where it's written. I guess it's a good thing people don't base our understanding of the language on our ability to STOP when it says so. Does it depend on the time of day. Who's watching?

When I was in middle school a woman ran a stop sign and hit my friend on his bike. It was our favorite hill....which led to our favorite intersection.We made the mistake that day of assuming that STOP meant STOP and that she would stop- We could read. And she was a grown up- that could drive and the sign was RED. Even if she didn't see us , we knew we could fly on our bikes because opposing traffic had to stop. I hated that woman. I thought she was selfish and too much in a hurry to obey the law and to have cared about my friend on his blue bike with the white bananna seat in 1972. She didn't care how fast she drove her white station wagon with the fake wood on the side and obviously she was way too important to STOP. I pretty much feel the same way about her today. I think STOPPING is probably one of the easiest parts of the driving test and the STOP sign is the easiest one to recognize and remember. I memorized stop back when I was 3 or 4. ...I was only driving a Big Wheel back then.

Red lights are much more complicated.......because they CHANGE COLOR...................and that really confuses some people -especially important people who are in a hurry

careful out there...some people are just too important to STOP


river said...

College Hill in Easton is terrible with people on the side streets running stop signs. I always drive very slowly up there and slow down and look at every intersection. I have had too many close calls up there to take a chance.

Ken Matthews said...

You 're so right. That's like running the gauntlet. Very Dangerous. thanks for reading.
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