Wednesday, January 9, 2008


AHOY Mates,

Do you have any idea how lucky you were that President Cowboy(Bush) didn't let just one of those US NAVY Ships unleash 1/10th of their port side FIRE POWER ? WHAT WERE YOU
THINKING. The US Navy is 2nd to none and like the rest of our military...they are being held back... by a variety of things. We all know it's very complicated....There is a reason the US military patrols and probes instead of carpet bombs everything in it's path without regard.
There is a reason there are thick manuals about U.S. rules of engagement, and respecting the customs of other nations.There are reasons we use smart bombs and send real live humans in to make sure the bad guys are actually there before we would intentially destroy things we don't have to. There are reasons that OUR Military is trained to build stuff and educate people and not just BLOW stuff up. There are reasons that the female soldiers in our squads have the additional responsiblity of searching women in operational areas out of respect for their customs and culture because our men have been told they cannot touch them. There are reasons the US Military is doing everything possible to contain and eliminate terror rather than create more. In addition to following orders, I believe these men & women CARE about America, they care about their impact on the world and they care about their fellow soldiers ,sailors and airmen. That said. My message to the IRANIAN NAVY(anyone for that matter) would be:

Don't believe everything you here on your 2-way radios.....WE'RE BEHIND OUR TROOPS.

And the only reason U.S. TROOPS haven't kicked EVERY ass that's engaged them is because THEY FOLLOW ORDERS and stand down went they're told to. I don't know how these brave men and women stay as focused as they do
but that's why they are the BEST AND THIS COUNTRY IS SAFE.

Now go back to port...and be glad the US Coast Guard didn't have to rescue you.....and you know they would of...if ordered to.


vanillajedi said...

They would have... if ordered to...

vanillajedi said...

But I agree totally with everything else... :)