Thursday, January 17, 2008


Please let it snow for real ! As I write this some dooder just blew down my street in Center Valley PA on his snow mobile-probably kickin' up more gravel and mud than the massive 2 inches that have fallen so far...Can't blame 'em....he better get as much...wait a minute- IT'S AL GORE ! stinkin global warning.

I miss the Blizzards of the 90's. On the East side of Allentown where sometimes they would only plow as far as Union or Hanover...from were on your own. My entire car was covered. Turf wars over curbside parking spaces. YES ! THAT'S SNOW ! We had to stay at the Hotel next to B104 Radio (where I anchored OPERATION SNOWFLAKE for 15 years ) so we could read the 300+ cancelations all morning long over and over and get it. Advertisors pay to sponsor that...I'm serious. I saw the order forms. Those were the days..before the Governor ran out of salt and got us on the weather channel..with 6 major roads locked down for 2 days..of course now we have enought salt for New Jersey where they use cinder or is it beachfront sand?......

Now, like a lot of you, I'm on the web, at the moment WFMZ TV's site(look -it's Rob Vaughn !)...looking for my kids' school Cancelations...DELAYS ARE A BIG DRAG!...and hoping we get deep wet thick SNOW to build SNOW FORTS , so we can snow-shoe and of course build cheesey snow men with WACKY eyeballs and stick limbs.

For the hand full of decent real snows we did get recently, I was fortunate enough to have my neighbor there with his snowblower.....That's the cool thing about Snowblower guys..
especially around here...When it snows -they can't get enough...especially if they have a MEATY MANLY BOSS BLOWER WITH THE ENCLOSED COCKPIT AND GUNPORT.

The snowmobile dood just blew by again.....use it or lose it buddy....Your wife's gonna make you sell it anyway.... besides-it looks ridiculous next to the boat in the back yard. But at least PA gets enough Water storms for your boat......

I never want to see a boat dood cruisin' down my street in his boat.........

it's been 17 months since I've had to get up at 3:30 am.........and I have to admit........The sleeping in thing IS cool.


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